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Vehicle Registration

All student and faculty/staff vehicles must be registered with Campus Security by requesting a parking permit. Registering your vehicle is an important part of our overall campus security plan and enables us to better protect our students, faculty, and staff. Vehicle registrations also allow Campus Security to alert you in the case of an incident or if a car must be moved due to construction or maintenance. The annual registration fee for cars is $50 (a 50% savings!) if registered by September 4, 2022, or $100 if registered on September 5 or after.

Students who do not register their vehicle are subject to fines.

Parking Permits

GOLD PERMITS are for commuter students. Commuters must only park in the white-striped spaces in the Commuter Student Parking lots.

BLUE PERMITS are for residential students. Residential students must only park in Resident Student Parking lots.

BLUE AND WHITE PERMITS are for faculty/staff members. Blue-striped spaces are designated for faculty and staff parking only 24/7.

Parking Guidelines

Commuter Student Parking (GOLD PERMITS)

MUST park in lots assigned to academic buildings (view map):

  • Fitness Recreation Center (FTR)
  • HSC/SSC Connector
  • Stevens Student Center (SSC)
  • Tyler Digital Communication Center (TYL)
  • Chemistry Laboratory Center (CLC) west lot
  • South spaces in the Apple Technology Resource Center (APP) lot

Commuters must be off campus by curfew every night.

Visitor spaces in the SSC lot are not for vehicles with commuter permits.

Resident Student Parking (BLUE PERMITS)

MUST park in a parking lot assigned to a residence hall (view map).

Residential students cannot park in the following:

  • Fitness Recreation Center (FTR)
  • Health Sciences Center (HSC)
  • HSC/SSC Connector Stevens Student Center (SSC)
  • Tyler Digital Communication Center (TYL)

Cars must be parked in a parking lot assigned to a residence hall by curfew every night.

Hill residents must park in either the Civil Engineering Center (CEC) or Chemistry Laboratory Center (CLC) lot located along the west side of the Chemistry Lab.

Faculty and Staff Parking

All blue-striped parking spots are reserved for faculty and staff 24/7.

Parking Enforcement

  • After September 5, unregistered cars as well as cars parked in a wrong lot or faculty/staff space will be ticketed. Tickets are $50 per incident. ƒ
  • After repeated parking violations for failure to register the vehicle, a “boot” will be attached to the vehicle, making it undriveable until Campus Security is called. ƒ
  • Once owner is located, student will be required to pay a $250 fine, register the vehicle for $100 (if applicable), and pay any outstanding tickets.

Visitor Parking

Visitors to campus may park on campus when displaying a Guest Parking Pass on the dashboard of the driver's side of your vehicle. If you were not sent a printable pass or given one at check-in, please stop by Campus Security in the upper level of the Stevens Student Center (next to the Information Center) to receive one.

Guests may park in any space on campus with the following exceptions:

  • Do not park in handicap spaces unless you have a state-issued handicap placard or license plate
  • Do not park in residential lots
  • Adhere to the 30-minute time limit on spaces marked for loading/unloading

If for some reason you receive a ticket, simply print your name and address on the back of the ticket and either drop it into campus mail (at the post office on the lower level of the Stevens Student Center) or turn it in at the Admissions Welcome Center. We will be glad to take care of the ticket for you.