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The Physical Plant maintains and improves University facilities, managing resources to efficiently balance cost, schedules, and quality of work to meet the Business Division's objectives. The Physical Plant maintains all academic buildings, residence halls, University-owned vehicles, and the campus grounds. It also manages renovation projects and the construction of new buildings.

Contact Physical Plant (regular business hours)
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

Report A Maintenance Emergency:

  • During regular business hours, call 937-766-7773
  • Outside business hours, call Campus Security at 937-239-6491
What qualifies as an emergency maintenance concern?

How to find us

To visit the Operations Center, go west past the Doden Field House and the Murphy and Rickard residence hall parking lot. The Operations Center is the first building on the right on University Blvd. The building is number 23  on the campus map (PDF) or get directions from Google Maps.

Physical Plant

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Athletics Grounds

Maintains approximately 200 acres of athletics fields

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Custodial (HES)

Custodial services: administrative, academic, and residential buildings

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Nearly 200 University vehicles: motor pool vehicles, trailers, golf carts, and more

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Interior Design

Oversees design and furnishings for new construction or renovation projects

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Facility Maintenance

Inspect, repair, improve facilities: painting, flooring, cabinetry, and pest control

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Maintain and improve more than 200 acres of University property

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Meet the Staff

Staff Page

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New Construction

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Retail Services

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Campus Store

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Print Services

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Post Office

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Campus Safety and Security

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Campus Safety

Manages workplace safety, life-safety, environmental compliance and risk management

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Campus Security

ID cards, vehicle registration, parking management, emergency response and alerts

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Maintenance Emergency

How do I report a maintenance emergency?
  • For situations that require immediate attention, please call 937-766-7773 during regular business hours (M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). After business hours, please call Campus Security at 937-239-6491.
What qualifies as an emergency maintenance concern?
  • Emergency concerns pose an immediate risk to health or property and require immediate response. Examples of urgent emergency concerns:
    • Running Water/Flooding/Standing Water/Leak
    • Overflowing Toilets
    • Backed up drains
    • Loss of electricity
    • HVAC Unit not heating or cooling within normal parameters defined by handbook
    • Shattered Windows


What do I do when my office, classroom or dorm room is too hot or too cold?
  • To maintain reasonable comfort and lower energy expenditures, the University has established the following standards for comfort for heating and cooling. Summer thermostat settings (air conditioning) are to be 74-76 F. Winter settings (heating) are to be 68-70 F. If the temperature is outside of these parameters please submit a maintenance work order.
How do I request a bonfire?
What repairs and services are billable to my department?
  • Departments are charged for requests for services that involve non-routine work, renovations, and improvements that are outside the scheduled routine.

Maintenance Work Orders

How do I request a repair or service from Facility Maintenance?
What should I do if there is a broken washer or dryer in my residence hall?

Married Student Housing

How do I apply for Married Student Housing?
If I have applied for Married Student Housing, how and when will I know if I have an apartment?
  • Students are placed on the waiting list for married housing based on the date they applied. In late February, the Cedar Park manager begins the process of filling the available apartments. The manager will reach out either by email or by phone to those on the waiting list. Once all the apartments are filled, all remaining couples will be informed by email. The process is usually completed by the end of March.


Operations is responsible for the care and maintenance of the University’s physical assets, including:

  • University buildings: maintenance, custodial services, facility upgrades
  • University grounds: maintenance of lawns, flower beds, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots
  • Outdoor athletic facilities: baseball, softball, track and cross country, and soccer
  • Campus Safety: property and casualty insurance, elevators, fire systems
  • Campus Security: facility safety, parking management
  • Retail Operations: Campus Store, Print and Postal Services
  • New Construction: coordinating the design and construction of new buildings and significant renovation projects

The responsibilities of the Operations department are many and varied and impact every student, employee, and visitor to the campus.  If you have a question not addressed on this webpage, please contact our administrative assistant at 937-766-2780.

Photo of Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson

Associate Vice President for Operations


Athletic Grounds Department

The Athletic Grounds team maintains and services all outdoor athletic facilities on campus, including everything from the turf on the soccer fields to the clay of baseball and softball diamonds to the cross-country course. 

Athletic Grounds Overview

See the beautiful Cedarville University Pete Reese and Gene Reese athletic fields from a bird's eye drone view. The video includes the soccer and track and field complex, baseball field, softball field, and the Elvin R. King cross country course.

Photo of Chris Reese

Chris Reese

Manager of Outdoor Athletic Facilities


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Automotive Department

The Automotive department mechanics maintain, inspect, service, and clean all University vehicles. They also maintain a variety of other University-owned equipment, such as mowers, generators, and golf carts.

Cedarville University fleet vans parked bumper to bumper
Photo of Dan Doolan

Dan Doolan

Manager of Automotive and Equipment


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Campus Safety

The Campus Safety and Risk Management department is responsible for managing workplace safety, life safety, and environmental compliance-related matters for the University, including the following functions:

  • Occupational safety and health-related policies and procedures (OSHA compliance)
  • Accident and injury reporting and investigations,
  • Workers compensation insurance and claim management
  • Safety training and record keeping 
  • E-waste/universal waste disposal (includes, batteries, light bulbs and all e-waste consisting of computers and other electronic components and devices),
  • Hazardous materials management (includes oversight of the Safety Data Sheets or SDS program for all chemicals on campus) and waste disposal
  • Emergency preparedness planning,
  • Insurance claim management for both property casualty related accidents and personal injury
  • Insurance policy information and requests for certificates of insurance 
  • Fire safety/Life safety compliance – includes all fire alarm, kitchen suppression systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers), over-sight of fire safety inspection program of campus buildings and grounds
  • Elevator maintenance and inspection program
  • Oversight of underground and aboveground gas tanks (BUSTR compliance)
  • Insurance and policy-related issues for the Universities fleet management program

These functions are part of the University’s overall risk management program, in addition to those provided by the Campus Security Department.

Photo of Doug Chisholm

Doug Chisholm

Director of Campus Safety


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Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the facilities on campus. This includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and general maintenance. This team inspects and repairs campus structures. The services they provide include:

  • Painting
  • Installing flooring
  • Performing carpentry work
  • Providing pest control
  • Inspecting, repairing, and installing high- and low-voltage electrical systems
  • Inspecting, repairing, servicing, and installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment
  • Inspecting, repairing, servicing the plumbing systems on campus
  • Creating and retaining building records and drawings as renovations and new projects occur

See recent updates on Cedarville's public water system, as well as this year's consumer confidence report.

Photo of Rick Richardson

Rick Richardson

Director of Facility Maintenance


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Grounds Department

Cedarville University’s team of groundskeepers is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, sustainable, and beautiful landscape in support of the university’s academic areas, providing an outdoor campus environment that can be enjoyed by students, faculty, staff, and visitors alike. We train with departments, government agencies, and private organizations in the areas of research, industry best practices, technology, sustainability, and plant health.

The Grounds team can be found planting flowers and trees and mowing grass in the spring, raking leaves in the fall, and removing snow in winter. They manage more than 450 acres of land. They also maintain a tree database that tracks the age and type of 1,458 marked and tagged trees. Cedarville Grounds clears 48+ miles of campus sidewalks and more than 20 miles of roadway.  Its de-icing materials allow vehicles to navigate roads safely and pedestrians to walk safely to work, school, or home.

Their responsibilities vary greatly, but their goal is to display the glory of God through the beauty of God's creation on Cedarville’s campus.

Cedar Lake with mums in full bloom
Photo of Jeffrey Volbert

Jeffrey Volbert

Manager of University Grounds


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Interior Design

The Interior Design department is responsible for design selections and furnishings for new construction and campus renovation projects. The Director of Interior Design works closely with faculty and staff across all departments. Furniture repairs and routine maintenance are performed by the Furniture Maintenance Technician to keep our existing furniture looking and functioning at its best.

The primary responsibilities of the Interior Design department are:

  • Specifying furniture, coordinating new furniture installations, and the repair and maintenance of existing furniture
  • Specifying flooring, paint, and other interior building finishes
  • Developing and maintaining lifecycle-based replacement schedule for furniture

The Interior Design department strives to be good stewards of new and existing resources to provide a comfortable, safe, and pleasing environment to faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Photo of Dedra Wrigglesworth

Dedra Wrigglesworth

Director of Interior Design


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Cedarville University contracts all custodial services with HES Facility Management. HES is a premier national provider of facilities management services focused 100% on educational institutions.

HES Staff

Custodial responsibilities

HES Facility Management is responsible for cleaning approximately one million square feet of building space five times a week. This includes more than 800,000 square feet in the administrative buildings and 200,000 square feet in the hallways and bathrooms of the residence halls. Each summer they thoroughly clean every classroom, conference room, auditorium, hallway, bathroom, office, and staircase on campus two separate times.

Campus Cleaning Hours

  • Administrative Buildings: 5–9 a.m.
  • Residence Halls: 10–4 p.m.
  • Student work hours (available) 4–8 p.m.
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