One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville
Cedarville President Dr. White addresses students in chapel

Vision Statement

Cedarville University will be an exemplary Christian institution known for commitment to academic excellence, submission to biblical authority, passion for the Great Commission, and intentional discipleship that transforms lives for godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement.

The Vision Statement -- affirmed by the Board of Trustees in May 2016 -- sets the trajectory for Cedarville University for years to come. It is part of our strategic plan and articulates the University's aspirations and priorities. Words and phrases were chosen carefully to articulate who we are now and who we are becoming:

  • The verbs "will be" were chosen, not because we’re "not already," but to ensure we are always forward looking.
  • "Exemplary" as a descriptor places us among the top schools without the hubris of declaring ourselves the absolute best. 
  • We used "Christian institution" because University had already been used in the first two words, and we felt it important to have the full name Cedarville University in the statement. 
  • We grouped the descriptors into groups of three, as does the book of Jude, both for flow and for cadence. 
  • In the listing, academics come first because we are an institution of higher learner, and this differentiates us from other ministries. 
  • Biblical authority and the great commission restate our historic tagline: "For the Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ." 
  • Intentional discipleship places discipleship at the center of all we produce because it ties together our curricular, co-curricular, and athletic purposes. 
  • Transformed lives -- as you'll see when the plan is unveiled -- comes from the strategic plan assuring that the vision and our plans are intentionally linked together. 
  • Godly service is also drawn from the strategic plan and covers service at home, church, and in society. 
  • Vocational distinction encompasses every class in every degree. Vocational is chosen in the theological sense to emphasize the importance of our work as a calling.  
  • Cultural engagement covers our Centers, blogs, published books and articles, radio and television interviews, and the ways we shape culture through the arts, theater, painting, music, communication, writing, sports, and other efforts. It also affirms that we will engage rather than retreat from culture. 

We are excited for what God has planned for Cedarville University; for each person who serves on the administration, faculty, and staff; and for the students He leads to our institution.