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The grading process can be accessed from the Campus Homepage under the CedarInfo option.

Enter your login name and CedarInfo Access Code. Select "Enter Final Grades (secretaries)/(faculty)" from the list of options.

Keep the following in mind as you input grades:

  • If a student is on your grade roster but did not attend your class it means they did not properly drop the course and should receive a notation of "Z."
  • If a student attended your class, but does not appear on your grade roster, notify the Office of the Registrar at once. There may be a possibility that we can add the student's name to your grade roster. If this is not possible, the student should register for the class during the next quarter.
  • If grades are not input by the due date, a notation of "NR" is input by the Office of the Registrar so that grade cards can be run. A grade change form will need to be submitted for each student who received an "NR."
  • Wait for confirmation that your grades have been submitted successfully.
  • If the faculty member responsible for the course inputs the grades, then the grades will be recognized as 'Verified by Electronic Signature.' If someone other than the faculty enters the grades, then the faculty member will receive a Grade Verification Roster later which he / she must sign (signature stamps, initials, secretary's signatures for faculty, etc. are not acceptable).