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Semester Course Information

Below is a direct link to basic information on all new semester courses. This information is from the master course file, and is not section or term specific. The following information is included for each active course:

  • Department
  • Course Subject
  • Course Number
  • Course Title
  • Minimum Credit Hours
  • Maximum Credit Hours
  • Course Fee

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This document contains information for all departments and is sorted alphabetically by department code. To print information for all departments or a specific department, follow these steps:

  • Click on the 'View Info' button above
  • Select 'Print Preview' under 'File' options
  • Click on 'forward' and 'back' arrows to determine page range for information for a specific department
  • Select 'Print' and enter the page information desired in 'Pages' area (Example: 1-3 for courses in the BA Business Administration Department); Department Codes are listed below for your reference.
  • BA - Business Administration
  • BE - Biblical Education
  • CA - Communication Arts
  • ED - Education
  • EG - Engineering
  • ES - Exercise and Sport Science
  • ID - Interdisciplinary Studies
  • LL - Language and Literature
  • MS - Military Science (ROTC Programs)
  • MU - Music
  • NS - Nursing
  • PY - Psychology
  • SM - Science and Mathematics
  • SS - Social Science and History