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How To Become a Writing Center Consultant

A Challenging & Rewarding Job That Pays Up To $10.00/hour!

Interested in working with your peers? Developing your communication skills? Exploring the diverse perspectives of many disciplines? Working on campus 6-10 hours a week? Then perhaps, you'd like to become a writing center consultant! If so, please read on!

  1. Course & G.P.A. prerequisites. All applicants must have completed ENG-1400, composition, and earned at least an A- in the course. In addition, applicants who are English or AYALA majors must have completed LIT-2090, Literary Analysis. Finally, all applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.3 (B+) and must maintain that minimum GPA during their employment at the center. If you fulfill these prerequisites, do read on!
  3. Contact Professor Holly Blakely, Interim Writing Center Director (via email or phone at x7744), to let her know you're interested in applying for a consultant position. She'll delight in answering any questions you have and in telling you about the challenges and rewards of writing center work.

  4. Request recommendations from two CU faculty members, preferably professors who have read your writing. Have them send their recommendations to Prof. Blakely (via email is fine). Be sure to ask those faculty members to comment on the following: how well you write, how well you work with your peers, how well you respond to assigned readings, and how dependable you are. All faculty recommendations are confidential.

  5. Submit two college-level writing samples to Prof. Blakely (as Word attachments via email or as hard copies through intercampus mail). Creative writing samples are certainly welcome, but you must submit at least one sample of expository writing that integrates and documents research from secondary sources (any style is fine—MLA, APA, Turabian, etc.). This sample is required because most of our tutoring sessions focus on traditional research papers. Send only your best work!

  6. If your application materials qualify you for writing center employment, Prof. Blakely will then conduct an interview with you. The purpose of the interview is to help the directors determine your interpersonal communication skills. Sometimes, a veteran tutor also participates in the interview. If, however, your application materials do not qualify you for employment, Prof. Blakely will notify you in a letter via intercampus mail, precluding the need for an interview.

  7. As long as your interview is successful, Prof. Blakely will enroll you in ENG-3550-01, Writing Center Theory & Training (2 credit hours). This course is a required, writing-intensive class that prepares you to become a peer tutor and is offered spring semester on Monday and Wednesday from 4-4:50 p.m. Once you complete that course (earning at least a "B" grade), you'll be ready to work in the center fall semester!

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications are welcome any time of year, but to ensure enrollment in the spring course, you must submit all your application materials to Prof. Blakely at least two weeks prior to registration in October of any given year.