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Who needs to apply to live off campus?

Unless you are married, at least 23 (by August 1) or living at your parent's home in the surrounding community, or taking six or less credit hours for both semesters, you must apply to live off campus. Off-campus status for the current academic year does not guarantee off-campus status for the next academic year.

What factors are considered for approving students?

Factors for consideration include, but are not limited to: year in school, anticipated enrollment, and extenuating circumstances (i.e., free housing with a family in exchange for a service you provide, etc.).

When should I apply for off-campus housing?

The Off Campus Application is made available online March 1. Applications may be submitted from March 1 until late March when the approval process is initiated by the Associate Deans.

When will approvals be made?

Some approvals will be made by the middle of April. Additional approvals could be made in the middle of May, and as necessary during the summer.

How do I apply for off-campus housing?

Complete the online application that can be found in CedarInfo in the Student Life section.

Will it help to meet with the dean making the approvals?

No, the application provides an opportunity to explain any unique circumstances related to your request for off campus housing. Any information that you wish to submit that cannot be included in the online application can be emailed to your respective dean Dean of Men or Dean of Women.

Is there a list of available housing in Cedarville?

Housing opportunities in the community are often listed on CU classifieds. Cedarville has not inspected any of the housing listed and is NOT responsible for the condition, security, etc., of any of the listings.

When should I sign a lease?

We would recommend that no student should sign a lease or make a commitment to a housing option until they have received the written verification that they have been given off-campus permission (Whether or not you have signed a lease will not affect the decision for approval).