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On occasion, a limited number of students are assigned to overflow housing when there are not enough two-person rooms available. The following are frequent questions about overflow housing. If you are assigned to overflow housing and have additional questions, please contact the residence life deans.

What is overflow housing?

Overflow housing is essentially a larger living space you will share with 3–5 other students. You will enjoy the same individual amenities as students in a standard residence hall room: bed, dresser, desk, chair, and locking door.

Why am I in overflow housing?

Because interest in Cedarville is strong and the demand for campus housing is higher than expected, we are making special arrangements to meet the demand for housing.

Will I be moved to a standard room?

In some cases, residence life staff will be able to move some students into standard residence hall rooms either before or soon after Getting Started. You will be notified by the residence life staff if they are able to make this change in your housing.

Is there a financial benefit to overflow housing?

If the residence life staff is unable to move you into a standard room within the first three weeks of the semester, a $200 refund will be applied to your student account. If a change in housing does not occur within the second three weeks, you will receive an additional $200 refund. If you remain in overflow housing after an additional three weeks, you will receive a final refund of $200. The maximum refund is $600. If you are offered a standard room but choose to stay in overflow housing, the refund offer does not apply.

What does an overflow room look like?

Our overflow rooms in the residence halls are larger than standard rooms so we are able to accommodate more students (and furniture). For your reference, here are some photos of an overflow room: