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Lawlor Hall

Lawlor Hall

Lawlor is located across the street from Printy Hall (our sister dorm) and kitty-corner from the Dixon Ministry Center. In Lawlor there are 288 open spots for residents, and it is a unit-style dorm. Lawlor is known for its strong community built from closer living and the unit style. Lawlor’s location is a great amenity, as is the easy access into the dorm. Our lounge is a great resource and has DirecTV, a pingpong table, foosball, and tables to read and study at.


  • Gender - Male

  • Style - Unit

  • Twin XL Bed

  • Furnished

  • Game Room

  • Laundry Facility

  • TV Lounge

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Sample Room

Lawlor Room Layout

Room Layout/Dimensions

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Meet the RD

Photo of Andrew McKay

Andrew McKay

Resident Director for Lawlor


Education: B.A. in Christian Education with a Minor in Youth Ministry from Cedarville University (Class of 2020).
Hometown: I have lived in Michigan, Indiana, Texas, and now Ohio. I would say that my hometown though is Fort Worth Texas!
Hobbies: I love being with friends and being active! Soccer, football, spikeball, weightlifting, backpacking, and golf are just a few of my favorite activities.
Favorite Book: When it comes to fun books I would say The Lord of the Rings trilogy but another book that I love that has been a super valuable resource is A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent.
Favorite Place: Fort Worth will always hold a special place in my heart and remains one of my favorite places.
Favorite Snacks: chips and queso.


Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

Our Resident Assistants (RAs) and Community Life Coordinators (CLCs) spend time with residents building intentional relationships and encouraging spiritual growth. Each RA and CLC work together as a duo to best lead the 30 guys that they are over. They are intentional in planning unit events, unit meetings, and then meeting together as a staff once a week (RAs together and CLCs together).


Lawlor is known for its many unique and fun events throughout the calendar year. Each year we begin the fall semester with Lawlor Palooza, which is an event that quickly breaks down any walls. This event kicks off the year perfectly with a bunch of high-energy guys getting to play some wild games. Also, each year we have a Gridiron event, which is one of the bigger ones on campus. This event is a giant 11-on-11 flag football game where we play against residents from The Hill. Our sister dorm also play in this massive game that happens early in November. Other events that we have throughout the school year include all-dorm dodgeball, a spiritual emphasis night called Lawlor Night, a trivia night, and a 3-on- 3 basketball tournament in April called Lawlor Baller. With that many events, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the community and life of Lawlor.

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