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Printy Hall

Printy Hall

Printy Hall is located in a prime location, right across from the Dixon Ministry Center and next to Callan Athletic Center. It is a unit-style dorm, with four rooms of two girls each sharing a bathroom and small lounge. Printy is made up of primarily freshmen. It has a coed lounge, women’s lounge, and laundry facilities. Printy programs specifically designed for freshmen, including Printy Wars, The Gauntlet, and Appreciation Week. Residents share a strong bond with our brother dorm, Lawlor Hall, including weekly bro/sis brunches, community birthday parties, and Lawlinty Worship Night. Printy has height adjustable beds.



  • Gender - Female

  • Style - Unit

  • Twin Bed

  • Furnished

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry Facility

  • TV Lounge

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Sample Room

Printy Room Layout

Room Layout/Dimensions

View the room layout and dimensions for a sample room in this residence hall.

Meet the RD

Photo of Alexis McKay

Alexis McKay

Resident Director for Printy


Education: B.A. in Christian Studies, Master of Divinity (in progress)
Hometown: I moved around several times growing up but most recently moved from Fort Worth, TX
Hobbies: Doing anything with friends, being outside, and reading
Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series, Little Women, Screwtape Letters, and Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness
Favorite Place: My favorite place that I’ve traveled to is Iceland!
Favorite Snacks: Any and all candy and popcorn!


Spiritual Life at Printy

The Community Life Coordinators (CLC) in Printy help build community and discipleship within the residence hall. These volunteer staff members live in the opposite unit of the Resident Assistants and are an additional source for mentoring. Printy has several opportunities for spiritual development/mentoring that may include unit meetings, unit prayer meetings, group Bible studies, lead groups, and bro/sis worship nights.

Traditions at Printy

Residents of Printy participate in a lot of fun traditions throughout the year, including our biggest three: Printy Wars, a unit vs. unit completion; Gridiron flag football under the lights; and Gauntlet, a ga-ga competition. We also have regular activities with our brother dorm, Lawlor Hall.

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