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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

August 26, 2015

students studyingAccording to a recent Forbes article, the once-thought-useless liberal arts degree is “suddenly” becoming a thing of value. The article explains how companies have discovered that they are stronger when they have employees who can think creatively, reason intelligently, and communicate effectively — all skills gained from a liberal arts education. 

At Cedarville University, we're not surprised! We've taken a liberal arts approach to education since our founding in 1887.

Read today's post to learn more about the value of the liberal arts at Cedarville.

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How to Make the Most of a College Visit

August 24, 2015

Campus VisitFor most students and families, the campus visit is a significant factor in their college decision. In today's ParentPrep blog post, Brian Fanelli, Cedarville’s Guest Coordinator, shares some practical tips to make the most of any college visit.

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P.S. The first CU Friday visit event of the year is coming September 25! This is a fun, informative way for your family to experience all that Cedarville has to offer. Reserve your place now.

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Announcing our 2015–16 Webinar Series!

August 21, 2015

webinarIn addition to our ParentPrep blog, we are pleased to offer you nine FREE webinars throughout the year, full of practical information and advice for parents of high school students. Each webinar will focus on relevant topics that relate to the college search, paying for college, and the college experience.

Find our more about our upcoming webinar series in today's post.

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Welcome to ParentPrep 2016!

August 18, 2015

parentprepThank you for subscribing to Cedarville University's ParentPrep resource blog. We are excited to provide information and resources throughout this year for parents who are walking with their students through the college search and decision process.

Every week you'll find new posts about important topics, such as financial aid tips and information, ways students can graduate from college with a strong faith, making the most of a campus visit, understanding the application process, and so much more! Last year we had more than 1,300 subscribers, and we would love to continue adding to the Cedarville ParentPrep family. Tell friends, family, or anyone in need of helpful college prep advice! Once they subscribe, we'll send an email whenever new posts are added. We’ll also be providing helpful information about College Now, our program for high school students, so be sure to your friends with younger students as well. 

Read today's blog post to learn our Top 4 Recommendations for helping your student with the college search.

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