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Bachelor of Arts in Language Arts Education

About the B.A. in Adolescent Young Adult Language Arts Education Degree

Would you like to be an English/Language Arts teacher? Cedarville’s distinctly Christian, accredited Adolescent Young Adult Language Arts (AYALA) education major will train you to effectively teach language arts or English for grades 7–12 in Christian or public schools. This academically challenging program will prepare you to think critically and communicate effectively, and equip you to teach the next generation to do the same.

Young Adult Language Arts Education Program Highlights

Broad — You will take a full English curriculum as well as education courses.

Community — You will experience a tight-knit community among fellow students and your professors, who care about building meaningful relationships.

Real-world exposure — You will have a lot of classroom experience, starting as early as sophomore year.

Student teaching options — You can choose to complete your student teaching experience locally in Christian and public schools or in a foreign country approved by the School of Education.

Changing lives — We believe that a degree in education is the opportunity to change lives for the Kingdom of God and at Cedarville, you’ll find plenty of ways to pursue your passion and hone your teaching skills: tutoring local students, teaching in area ministries, and educating diverse communities.

Diverse — You will have field experiences or clinical practice for both conventional and distance learning programs that provide experiences with male and female grade 7–12 students from different socioeconomic groups and ethnic/racial groups. You will also work with English language learners and students with disabilities during some of your field experiences and/or clinical practice to develop and practice your knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions for working with all students.

Outcomes for Adolescent Young Adult Language Arts Education Majors

  • Our teacher-candidates are known for their quality of education, commitment to the field of education, and their diversified experiences to prepare them for teaching in the classroom. Cedarville Education graduates are teaching all around the world in public, private, Christian, urban, international, and mission schools!
  • Testing Success! Every teacher candidate is required to complete licensure exams in order to be a licensed teacher in the state of Ohio. The teacher-candidates at Cedarville University are well prepared for these exams, as evidenced by our 99% success pass rate on the licensure exams (data from the 2015-2016 Ohio Assessment for Educators Pass rate Test Summary ResultsAnalyzer). The average pass rate for teacher-candidates in the state of Ohio is 91% success.
  • As a graduate of the Teacher Education Program at Cedarville University, you will receive two teaching certifications. Our accreditation status enables you to receive a state of Ohio teaching license in your field of study that is transferable to any state in the U.S. You will also qualify to receive an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) certificate, which allows you to teach internationally and in Christian schools. The ACSI certificate is nationally recognized and does not require state-to-state transfer.

Opportunities for Adolescent Young Adult Language Arts Education Majors

You coursework will be complemented by the following opportunities as you complete your A(AYALA) education degree.

Field experiences early and often! — The School of Education believes that it is important that our teacher-candidates have many hands-on experiences in schools. That is why you will engage in local school settings during your first year as a teacher-candidate at Cedarville University and will continue to experience teaching within a school setting each year of your teacher training at Cedarville. By the time you graduate, you will have completed more than 600 hours in classroom experiences!

Delta Epsilon — Cedarville's education student organization is a Christ-centered community built on equipping teachers to serve each other and those around them. Throughout the year, you will participate in professional growth events, ministry opportunities, and fun activities. You’ll also have ministry opportunities through the adopt-a-senior program, the birthday ministry, breakfast for teachers, and other ministries. Any education major is welcome!

The Xenia Partnership Program — This is a new and exciting program that allows you to be a part of a field experience and classroom learning within one of the schools in nearby Xenia City School District. You will learn teaching strategies and practices from Cedarville University professors while engaging those practices and theories in real classrooms with real students and teachers.

Cross-cultural experiences/classes in Ireland — This year, our faculty will be lead a group of teacher- candidates to Ireland to complete several of the core teaching courses in another culture. As part of this three-week adventure, you will earn credit for your courses, observe classrooms and the education system in another country, and have one-on-one opportunities to minister to the people of Ireland.

Student teaching program — You may choose to complete your student-teaching experience overseas. This experience occurs as the final semester of your study as a teacher-candidate at Cedarville University. You will spend approximately 16 weeks overseas in an English-speaking school. The School of Education of Cedarville University works with CCTECC to coordinate an overseas experience for teacher-candidates who wish to complete their student teaching internship abroad. You may choose to go to almost any country in the world and will receive specialized training for this experience. Recent teacher-candidates have completed their Overseas Student Teaching Program in the following countries:

  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • China
  • Dominican Republic
  • Hungary
  • New Zealand
  • Spain

School of Education

Cedarville's School of Education is equipping Christian teachers to make a Gospel impact in their future classrooms.

English, Literature, and Modern Languages

The Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages inspires students to observe well, think well, and write well.

Placement Success

We’re proud of our successful graduates! 100% of 2016 graduates from the School of Education were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.

Program Faculty

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Cyndi Messer, M.A.

Associate Professor of English

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  • phone-handset 937-766-3248
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Jeremy Ervin, Ph.D.

Dean, Associate Professor of Education

  • Location WI 107
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Language Arts Education Program Curriculum

Building on your general education liberal arts and Bible minor courses, you will take education foundations and methods courses, as well as a full curriculum of English courses.

Sample courses:
  • Fundamentals of English Grammar
  • Principles of Teaching AYA Learners
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