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About the BA in Spanish Degree

Why Study Spanish at Cedarville?

Cedarville’s distinctly Christian BA in Spanish will equip you to read, write, speak, and comprehend spoken Spanish. You'll gain a cultural understanding, learning the ability and skillset required to interact appropriately in a variety of social contexts. Studying the language, history, and literature of the Hispanic peoples will also provide you with opportunities to practice their language skills and gain appreciation for the contributions and values of Hispanic culture.

Spanish represents the primary language spoken by more than 400 million people in 22 countries around the world. The United States is now the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, second only to Mexico. The ability to speak another language and relate well in a variety of cultural contexts is an essential 21st century skill, no matter what career or field you find yourself in.

If you'd like to study Spanish as a secondary focus, Cedarville's Spanish minor will enhance your skill set. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the language, improving both your reading and writing abilities. Even in simple ways like helping a Spanish speaker find what they need at the grocery store, you'll be able to use your Spanish skills to connect with others and honor God.

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What Sets Cedarville Apart?

Program Overview

Program Highlights

Biblical — Your Spanish courses will give you a variety of opportunities to integrate your faith with your language study, from memorizing Bible verses and preparing to share your faith in Spanish, to examining cultural practices and exploring contemporary issues like immigration from a biblical, Christian worldview. Your senior capstone course will focus on original research on a topic evaluated from a biblical perspective as well. If you choose to go into a service profession, such as social work or healthcare, you will learn how to be a “cultural bridge” between service providers and clients.

Medical Option — Customize your degree by adding the Certificate in Medical Spanish. This provides you with specific health-related vocabulary and cultural understanding through coursework and clinical experiences interacting with Hispanic patients.

Complementary — Since the Spanish major comprises only 34 credits (beyond Elementary Spanish), it serves as a unique complement to majors in other disciplines, such as business, missions, psychology, international studies, graphic design, social work, criminal justice, and more.

Fast-Track — You may be able to receive credit for prior study in Spanish through Advanced Placement credit (up to 21 hours), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) (up to 15 hours), or test-out credit through our in-house Spanish Placement Exam (varies). If you earn credit through any of these methods, you will not have to take those corresponding courses at Cedarville, saving you time and money.

Cross-Cultural Experience — You will be encouraged to enhance your program by participating in an approved cross-cultural experience, such as a study abroad program or Global Outreach trip. Cedarville University maintains a cooperative program with the Institute of Spanish Studies in Valencia, Spain, which allows you to spend a semester studying abroad.

Placement Success

We’re proud of our successful graduates! 95.8% of recent graduates from the Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Check out Cedarville’s other placement rates.

What Can You Do With a Spanish Degree?

Students who major in Spanish typically also complete an additional major in another discipline, such as global business, missiology, history, psychology, social work, or linguistics, to name some of the most common combinations. They then go on to careers in their chosen fields with the distinction of a high degree of fluency in Spanish and cross-cultural competence, which sets them apart from monolingual candidates.

Some of our recent graduates include an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at a Christian school in Ecuador, a social worker working with Hispanic immigrants, a nurse who works at a large Hispanic clinic in Philadelphia, several English teachers in Asia, a professional writer who worked on print materials for a company with branches in Central America, and several high school Spanish teachers.

Graduate and professional programs and employers welcome Cedarville University graduates each year. It is important to note that some professional career fields you may pursue require additional education, experience, and/or licensure beyond the completion of your Cedarville University undergraduate degree.

Opportunities to Learn Outside the Classroom

Your coursework will be complemented by various opportunities on campus.

Study Abroad in Spain — Spend a semester in Valencia, Spain, immersed in the culture as you learn.

Global Outreach — Participate in a short-term missions opportunity in Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Ministry Opportunities — Find a local ministry where you can share God's love and truth with others. Serve with Campus Bible Fellowship International and minister to Wright State international students through American culture discussion, ESL, relationship building, and evangelism. Explore this and other available ministries, and make an impact for Christ in the community.

Spanish Club — The Spanish Club is a student organization that meets regularly to practice conversational Spanish. They participate in cultural activities, including ministry to local Hispanic churches, and host an annual Noche de Alabanza open to the entire student body.

Foreign Film Series — The Foreign Film Series provides the Cedarville community an opportunity to view interesting and challenging films from around the world. The series allows viewers to peer into often unfamiliar cultures through the eyes of the cultures themselves.

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    Semester in Spain

    Spend a semester in Valencia, Spain, and experience the culture as you study. You'll be accompanied by a Cedarville faculty member, giving you the same excellent teaching you’d experience on campus.
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Program Curriculum

Building on your core liberal arts and Bible minor courses, you will take courses in Spanish language, history, culture, literature, and film. Students completing the Spanish major, especially with a semester-length immersion experience, typically attain the ACTFL proficiency level of Advanced Low.

Sample courses:

  • Latin American Civilization and Literature
  • Spanish Conversation

Program Format and Related Programs

Cedarville offers both graduate and undergraduate programs, with flexible completion options. You may also want to consider these related programs as you consider the degree or program that is a best fit for you.

Program Level and Format

  • Undergraduate
  • Residential
  • 4-Year
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