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Communication Major - Concentrations

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The applied communication major was designed to prepare students with the foundations of the discipline and the transferable skills to meet the demands of a dynamically new and changing communication environment.

Course work in the major develops critical competencies in leadership, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, and a broad range of communication skills necessary for advancement in both employment and graduate school.

Students work with an adviser to build a customized program of study to meet their particular life goals, selecting appropriate courses from the core curriculum and then choosing a specific concentration in a particular area of the field.

Organizational Communication

The organizational communication concentration channels your skills toward internal and external communication in organizational settings. After taking courses like Interviewing, Organizational Negotiation, and Human Resources, you will be able to help an organization communicate internally and hold a competitive advantage externally. Organizational communication holds the organization together and supports it like scaffolding does a building. 

Key Courses

  • Organizational Communication
  • Interviewing
  • Organizational Negotiation
  • Organizational Training
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Event Planning

Public Communication

Public communication is the interaction brought about when people exchange ideas. It focuses not only on the delivery of messages and ideas but also on how people interact with those messages and ideas. Public communication is at the center of political, economic, and social issues. Courses like Persuasive Theory, Speechwriting for the Professional, and Contemporary Rhetoric will enable you to communicate in a way that impacts others and spurs them toward action.

Key Courses

  • Persuasive Theory
  • Speechwriting for the Professional
  • History of Public Address
  • Contemporary Rhetoric
  • Communication Ethics
  • Applied Capstone

Strategic Communication

Strategic communication merges the daily activities of an organization with its long-term goals. It encompasses areas like public relations and advertising, to name just a few. This concentration is used not only within corporations but also within nonprofit organizations. Courses like Event Planning, Advocacy Communication, and Organizational Leadership will prepare you to offer strategic, actionable plans to any organization.

Key Courses

  • Virtual Communication
  • Event Planning
  • Advocacy Communication
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Communication Ethics
  • Applied Capstone