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Each summer CU StudyAway offers Cedarville courses in international locations. These courses are taught by Cedarville professors and are open to all Cedarville students. Some courses are specialized for specific majors and others are general education courses. They are ideal for students whose major do not have the flexibility of a semester abroad. The locations vary each summer.

Most trips are under $5,000 including tuition, program fee, and lodging. Airfare is usually not included but group flights may be available with students paying for their flight cost individually. Below is the list of course offerings for Summer 2019:

NOTE: Additional trips TBD, more information to come.

Photograph looking down upon the glowing golden-yellow lit town of AlbarracĂ­n, Spain as seen from the surrounding hillside.



  • FA
    Sept. 1 - Nov. 22
    No Visa Needed
  • SP
    Jan. 8 - Apr. 26, 2019
  • SU Session One
    May 19 - June 21, 2019
  • SU Session Two
    June 23 - July 26, 2019

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  • All Spanish Language and Culture Courses for Major/Minor (ELML)
  • Spanish Internships / Practicum
  • Most Courses for the New Minor in Spanish for Healthcare Personnel and Certificate in Medical Spanish

Photograph of a bustling street market in downtown Dublin, Ireland.


Dates: May 5-26, 2019


  • Heather Heritage, M.A.
    COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech
    COM-4640 Special Topics -- Speaking for the Professions
  • Mary McCulley, Ph.D.
    LIT-2300 Intro to Literature
  • Meredith Hoagland, Ph.D.
    LIT-2340 Western Lit
  • Betsy Linnell, B.S.E.
    PYCH-3720 Psychology of Personality
  • John Gilhooly, Ph.D.
    HON-3020 Early Irish Christianity
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Photograph of the Grand Canyon

Geology of National Parks

Dates: May 9 – 23, 2019

Cost: $1600 plus air

This trip, led by Prof. Tom Rice, will take students to national parks such as the Grand Canyon and other parks in the Colorado Plateau region.

Course: GSCI-1030 Geology of National Parks 

  • This course fulfills the physical science requirement of 3.5 credit hours
  • There are no quizzes or exams
  • A project photo journal is due after the trip

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