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International Programs

Choosing an Off-Campus Study Opportunity

CU Study Abroad is pleased to offer students many types of programs to fit their study abroad and academic goals. We offer two types of programs: Cedarville faculty-led or Partner. Faculty-led programs are developed, sponsored, and taught by a Cedarville professor. D.C. Semester and May term programs are examples. Partner programs are affiliated with an outside organization that CU Study Abroad has vetted and approved.

There is a study abroad program for every student in every major! Contact the CU Study Abroad office to inquire about a sample four-year plan for your major that includes a study abroad program. Or, schedule an advising meeting with CU Study Abroad to find the right program match. 

D.C. Semester (faculty-led)

DC Semester

May Term & Summer Programs (faculty-led)

Summer Programs

Social Work Programs

Social Work Programs

Semester in Spain

Semester in Spain

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Partner Programs

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