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International Programs

Choosing an Off-Campus Study Opportunity

Study Abroad website is in the process of updates. Please contact Study Abroad directly for accurate program information!

CU Study Abroad is pleased to offer students many types of programs to fit their study abroad and academic goals. We offer two types of programs: Cedarville faculty-led or Partner. Faculty-led programs are developed, sponsored, and taught by a Cedarville professor. D.C. Semester and May term programs are examples. Partner programs are affiliated with an outside organization that CU Study Abroad has vetted and approved.

There is a study abroad program for every student in every major! Contact the CU Study Abroad office to inquire about a sample four-year plan for your major that includes a study abroad program. Or, schedule an advising meeting with CU Study Abroad to find the right program match. 

D.C. Semester (faculty-led)

DC Semester

May Term & Summer Programs (faculty-led)

Summer Programs

Social Work Programs

Social Work Programs

Semester in Spain

Semester in Spain

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Partner Programs

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