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International Field Experience

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Students have the opportunity to do an international field experience in India, Romania, or Uganda. Besides learning about and practicing social work within these countries, students can take selected college courses locally that will enhance their understanding and appreciation of their host country, including its culture and people. These courses apply toward graduation and program credit from Cedarville. While living among the local population and learning language and customs, students have opportunity to share God’s love and minister to these individuals and their communities.

India offers our students a unique opportunity to intern at a variety of social work practice settings such as medical social work, social work with population groups impacted by HIV/AIDS, social work with victims of sex trafficking, community health, or with disabled children. Students can take courses through Madras Christian College and will experience the culture firsthand by living on a traditional Indian college campus. Placement is available for juniors in the fall semester.

Romania offers opportunities to work with the elderly, orphans, youth, victims of domestic violence, or the Roma gypsy population through an organization called Veritas. International placement in Romania is available for juniors and seniors in the fall or summer.

Uganda Christian University offers the base for a social work internship in Uganda. While housing is provided in the dorms, students will live for a week in a rural village with a local Christian host family. Students also have the unique opportunity to travel within Africa to Rwanda and learn about the effects of genocide. Internship settings include Compassion International, several orphanages, a school for street children, HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, and ESL opportunities. International placement in Uganda is available for juniors and seniors in the fall or spring semesters.

We also invite you to visit the blog of junior Bethany Hull, link below, doing her internship in Uganda fall 2014.

More information is available through Cedarville University’s Office of International Studies.

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