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Female social work students discuss around a table

Field Experience - Agencies

The Social Work Program can place students in more than 100 different agencies. Field Experience compliments classroom learning, so placements are made in those agencies which have qualified professional staff members with adequate time to instruct students (Transportation must be provided by the student).

Students’ preferences are considered in the placement process. The Social Work Program offers Juniors and Seniors a variety of opportunities in many local agencies.

  • Welfare departments (child protective services, adult protective services, JOBS program, income maintenance, social services)
  • Work in programs for elderly (senior centers, adult day care, nursing homes, hospitals)
  • Family service centers
  • Shelters for runaways
  • Health care: hospitals and community health centers
  • Court intervention programs
  • Residential or day treatment centers (for adolescent offenders, young adults, mentally disabled)
  • Crisis intervention work
  • Mental health centers
  • Work in schools
  • Information and referral agencies
  • Work with single parents
  • Group homes
  • Homeless shelters/missions
  • Half-way houses (for juvenile delinquents, mentally disabled, criminal offenders)
  • Community social change organizations
  • Home health and hospice programs
  • Child and adolescent counseling centers
  • Domestic violence programs (shelters, court and hospital advocacy)
  • Chemical dependency centers
  • Christian ministries/churches
  • Work with the developmentally challenged (sheltered workshop, independent living, case management, group homes)
  • Probation-juvenile/adult court services
  • Ombudsman Citizens Complaints Office
  • Work with the mentally disabled in hospitals or partial hospitalization programs
  • Multi-service community centers
  • Youth work
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Boys and girls clubs
  • Women’s counseling centers