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All undergraduate programs within the School of Education are NCATE accredited.

At Cedarville University, you can:

  • Strengthen your understanding of a biblical worldview
  • Take transferable college courses
  • Make great Christian friends

Try spending this May on campus or take an online course during the summer. You will not only enjoy the fun, friendly  atmosphere, you can also get required general education courses out of the way! Several of these courses center on strengthening your faith and developing your worldview. Choose from courses like Principles of Biology, General Psychology, Politics and American Culture, The Bible and the Gospel, Principles of Earth Science, and Cultural Anthropology.

Have questions about our various sessions? Contact the Center for Lifelong Learning at or call us at 937-766-7953.

Your first step toward taking a course is filling out a nondegree-seeking application. Click "Apply Now" below ... and start your summer right!

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