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Accounting and Finance

  1. Policies
  2. Budget
  3. Tax Documents
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  5. Important Resources
    1. ICF Form
    2. International Requisition
    3. Employee vs. Independent Contractor
    4. General Ledger lookup
    5. Frequently Used Department Numbers
    6. Frequently Used Detail Numbers
    7. Travel Advance Agreement
    8. Mileage Calculator for Personal/Rental Vehicle
    9. Currency Conversion Calculator
    10. Cashiers (Accounts Receivable)
    11. Payroll

The Accounting and Finance Department assists Cedarville University's faculty, staff and students to complete necessary business transactions and maintain the integrity of financial transaction information.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Billing and Depositing
Mobile Phones
Managing Endowments

We are always on the lookout for ideas to improve and strengthen the finances of the University.  Contact us with your ideas.

Updated: 2015-10.29