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Cedarville University employs nearly 700 faculty and staff and more than 1,200 students each year. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of frequent questions about your payroll and available options.

Student Employees Related Questions

I just got a job on campus. How do I get paid for the hours I work?

a. You will need to go to the Payroll office in the lower level of Founder's Hall to complete tax paperwork. You need to bring a picture ID (student ID is sufficient) and an original social security card, or an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, or a Passport.

What if I don't have my original Social Security card? Can I bring a copy of the card or provide the number?

a. Per Federal Government guidelines (Department of Homeland Security), the original of a social security card is the only sufficient form of the document that can be accepted. No faxes, photocopies, or other documentation is allowed as proof of citizenship.

What if I've worked on campus before? Do I need to complete tax forms every year?

a. If you have been employed on campus in previous years, you only need to complete the necessary tax forms once. You do not need to complete them each year unless there is a change in your residency (i.e. you've moved to a different state or you are an Ohio resident and you've moved to a new school district).

What if I forget to log my hours?

a. Contact your supervisor and have your supervisor e-mail Payroll with the number of hours you worked.

When do I get paid?

a. Please reference the Payroll Schedule to see the dates of Student Payroll.

How do I receive my pay?

a. Direct Deposit is mandatory of all university employees. Please review the Direct Deposit Instructions. Your monies will be directly deposited into a bank account or your student account.

Faculty and Staff Related Questions

How do I change my withholdings on my Federal W-4 and/or my Ohio form?

Please print the Federal W-4 and/or the Ohio State Tax Form and complete the necessary information. Return forms to payroll and your adjustments will be made.

How can I change the amount of my 403b contributions?

You should complete the Salary Reduction Agreement and return the form to payroll. The adjustment will be noted on your next paycheck.

I set up an account with a new retirement provider. How do I change where my 403b contributions are sent?

After ensuring your account with the new provider is open, complete the Salary Reduction Agreement and return the form to payroll.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Follow the direct deposit instructions to deposit your payroll directly into a checking or savings account.