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Looking for undergraduate course schedules?

The shaded portions below indicate the general time frame for each semester/session. Specific course dates and times are available by using the schedule links for each semester.

Semester Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Course schedules for summer available March 1. Registration opens mid-March.
Graduate Summer
2017SU Schedule
Graduate Summer 1
2017SU1 Schedule
Graduate Summer 2
2017SU2 Schedule
Course schedules for fall available March 1. Registration opens mid-March.
Graduate Fall
2017FA Schedule
Graduate Fall 1
2017FA1 Schedule
Graduate Fall 2
2017FA2 Schedule
Course schedules for spring 2017 available October 1. Registration opens mid-October.
Graduate Spring
2017SP Schedule
Graduate Spring 1
2017SP1 Schedule
Graduate Spring 2
2017SP2 Schedule
Registration for all courses closes one week after the first class of each scheduled course date.