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Specific Concentrations within Broadcasting and Digital Media

The broadcasting and digital media major prepares students for careers in a wide range of media radio, television, non-broadcast audio/video production, and online and computer-based media. Because of the paraprofessional nature of this program and the balance of practical and theoretical aspects of media work, Cedarville graduates have excelled in careers across all of these media.

Digital Film and Video

Digital Film and Video Production is a hands-on approach to producing visual stories using the latest digital film equipment and software editing platforms that will impact an audience in a specific way. Emphasis is placed on story first, then technique. The courses are taught from four unique perspectives: the Writer, the Producer, the Director, and the Editor. Students who finish the program leave here with the confidence that they can handle any type of film or video production, whether it is for a church ministry, a professional promotional production, or a feature length film. Our mission is to do 'God's will, God's way' in reaching our world for Christ through the medium of film and television. 

Digital Radio and Audio

The Digital Radio and Audio Concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in on-air and/or production work for terrestrial or internet radio stations. The Audio concentration also prepares students to serve in audio production facilities for television, film, music, and program production. Students also gain knowledge and skills in live sound set-up and operation.

Integrated Digital Media

The Integrated Digital Media emphasis allows students to fashion our class offerings to fit their future employment goals. In this area, students will work closely with their advisors to map out a strategic plan for their years at Cedarville. Each student will benefit from the core classes in the Broadcasting and Digital Media major, dive a bit deeper into audio and video studies, and then work with their advisors to craft a major that will fit their performance goals. There are numerous possibilities to help our students fit into our convergent world. Students will develop comprehension for planning to delivery and analysis.

Jobs in this area of study include but are not limited to:

  1. Website management
  2. Web analytics
  3. Digital media consulting
  4. New media development
  5. 3D animation
  6. Game design
  7. Motion graphics
  8. Interactive Media