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Communication Studies

Communication Studies is academically versatile and personally adaptable. We offer a variety of individual majors that will interest and challenge you, and prepare you for a fulfilling career. Flexibility is built into these majors to allow you to pursue your individual life goal.

Students in major or minor in Communication Studies learn skills that prepare them for careers in numerous communication fields or graduate studies. Our graduates excel in:

  • Designing and presenting written, conversational, non-verbal, and public communication that is clear, concise, and appropriate
  • Critically examining information to form, support, and evaluate an argument and advocate a position from biblical perspectives
  • Researching, analyzing, and solving problems in ways consistent with established professional values and biblical perspectives
  • Applying leadership principles and innovative practices in communication contexts

In addition to the skills all Communication Studies students develop,

Comprehensive Communication majors learn to research, plan, and execute an academic program based upon their personal professional goals.

Intercultural Communication majors acquire knowledge and skills to interpret and explain their life experiences as a context for intercultural interactions.

Media Communication majors master creative alternatives and adaptations to advance the field of mediated communication.

Organizational Communication majors learn to organize and project manage group activities. Also, he or she will demonstrate knowledge of management and organizational principles.

Political Communication majors are trained to construct a variety of messages that meet the journalistic needs of the media and the interest needs of the public. Also, he or she will be able to publicly advocate or critique a position that is under consideration.