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Tiffany Thomson

Tiffany Thomson

Assistant Professor of Communication


Dr. Thomson joined Cedarville's faculty in 2023. Her interests, broadly speaking, are on studying messages — both mediated and interpersonal. More specifically, how messages are created, how they are received, and what people do or how their opinions are changed because of them. Over her time in the field, she has taught a variety of courses, including public speaking, political communication, health messages and behaviors, and research methods. Her research has been broadly situated in the political and health fields, with some of her most recent work looking into the role of interpersonal communication networks and mediated messaging on health behavior. She has a strong desire to see her students get excited about the field of communication and its many avenues to explore!

Education & Credentials

  • PhD in Communication, The Ohio State University

Scholarly Works

  • Thomson TL, Nemeth JM, Peng J, Lu B, Ferketich A, Paskett ED, Wewers ME. Address-based Sampling for Recruiting Rural Subpopulations: A 2-Phase, Multi-mode Approach. Journal of Rural Health. 2018; 34(2): 193-201.
  • Nemeth JM, Thomson TL, Lu B, Peng J, Krebs V, Doogan NJ, Ferketich AK, Post DM,. Browning CR, Paskett ED, Wewers ME A social-contextual investigation of smoking among rural women: multi-level factors associated with smoking status and considerations for cessation. Rural and Remote Health. 2018; 18(1): 4338.
  • Lam J, Lu B, Doogan N, Thomson T, Ferketich A, Paskett E, Wewers ME. Depression, smoking and ego- centric social network characteristics in Ohio Appalachian women. Rural Mental Health. 2017; 41(1). 30-41.
  • Thomson TL, Krebs V, Nemeth JM, Lu B, Peng J, Doogan NJ, Ferketich AK, Post DM, Browning CR, Paskett ED, Wewers ME. Social Networks and Smoking in Rural Women: Intervention Implications. American Journal of Health Behavior. 2016; 40(4): 405-15.
  • Hoffman, LH, & Thomson, TL. The effect of television viewing on adolescents’ civic participation: Political efficacy as a mediating mechanism. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. 2009; 53(1): 3-21.


  • Running
  • Spending time with my husband
  • Watching my kids in all of their sporting events
  • Grabbing coffee or a meal with others

Expert Topics

  • Political Communication

Why Cedarville?

Dr. Thomson was drawn to Cedarville due to the opportunity to pursue the field of communication with academic rigor in an institution that does not compromise on biblical truth.