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School of Education - Undergraduate Programs

The complexities of the teaching profession are unrivaled by almost any other. Teachers have the responsibility and privilege of being decision-makers and change agents in the lives of students and in their schools. They influence what students learn, how students learn, and how students think about themselves.

The mission of the Cedarville University Teacher Education Program is to prepare compassionate, professional educators who are committed to the integration of faith, learning, and life as demonstrated in teaching competence and Christlike character through leadership and service.

Every part of our program reflects this mission statement — every faculty member, course, and clinical experience.

How do we accomplish our mission?

  • Integration of faith, learning, and life is done by incorporating a liberal arts foundation and biblical worldview into every program.
  • Teaching competence is evidenced through our graduates’ mastery of a teaching specialization and a research-based professional education core.
  • Christlike character is developed as students grow in their faith through intentional discipleship and ministry opportunities. Our teacher candidates are ready to make a difference in their schools and students’ lives through leadership and service founded in the Gospel.