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David Dittenber

David Dittenber, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Prior to joining the civil engineering faculty at Cedarville University in 2020, Dr. Dittenber taught at his alma mater, LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, for seven years, serving as an associate professor and chair of civil engineering. His areas of specialization are structural and material engineering, as well as engineering education. He believes that being a Christian and a civil engineer is an exciting pairing, as civil engineers get an opportunity to participate in God’s redemptive work on the earth and serve people by helping provide them with safe solutions to their most fundamental needs. Dr. Dittenber also has a passion for providing engaging teaching experiences, tackling unique and creative projects, and mentoring students through college and what follows.

Education and Credentials:

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, West Virginia University
M.S. in Civil Engineering, West Virginia University
B.S. in Engineering, Mechanical Concentration, LeTourneau University
Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Texas

Scholarly Works

Dittenber, D. B., Barlow, A. J., Gehr, R. E., Hodges, S. D., Hughes, M. G., and Puttbach, C. N. (2019). "Hands and Feet: Perspectives from Faculty and Alumni on Service in Civil Engineering Education." The Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture: The Character of the University, Waco, TX.
Dittenber, D. B. (2017). "Problem Based Learning in an Intro to Civil Engineering Course: Effects on Student Engagement and Retention." In Proceedings: ASEE 124th Annual Conference, Columbus, OH.
Dittenber, D. B., and Ironside, A. J. (2017). "Bringing Experiential Learning into the Online Classroom: A Mechanics of Materials Course Case Study." In Proceedings: ASEE 124th Annual Conference, Columbus, OH.
Dittenber, D. B., and GangaRao, H. V. S. (2013). "Fatigue Equation Considerations for the ASCE Pre-Standard for LRFD of Pultruded FRP Structures." Journal of Composite Materials, 47(16): 1943-1949.
Dittenber, D. B., and GangaRao, H. V. S. (2012). "Critical Review of Recent Publications on Use of Natural Composites in Infrastructure." Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 43(8): 1419-1429.


  • Reading: science fiction and fantasy, Christian, modern fiction, biographies, etc.
  • Building and repair projects
  • Going on adventures with my wife and our dogs

Expert Topics

Structures, composite materials, disaster relief shelters, engineering education

Why Cedarville?

God called my wife and me to move to Cedarville. Some of the reasons I’m grateful for this calling include being closer to many of our friends and family than we had been previously, the opportunity to be involved in the exciting growth happening in the civil engineering program here, and being a part of a University that is dedicated to a consistently Christian approach to higher education.