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Frederick Harmon

Fred Harmon, PhD

Professor of Electrical Engineering


Dr. Fred Harmon joined the faculty at Cedarville University in August 2014 after working in research laboratories, flight testing squadrons, and graduate engineering institutions. Recently, he was an Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology where he taught courses in optimization, optimal control, and nonlinear control. He has conducted efforts in the areas of control system design, neural networks, optimization, parameter estimation, radar system analysis, electromagnetics, automatic target recognition, avionics, and unmanned vehicles.

Education and Credentials

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California-Davis 

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

Professional Engineer (P.E.), Electrical Engineering

Scholarly Works

  • Neural Network Control of a Parallel Hybrid-Electric Propulsion System for a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Frederick G. Harmon) Engineering and Computer Science Faculty Publications (2005)
  • Application of a Finite-Volume Time-Domain Maxwell Equation Solver to Three-Dimensional Objects (Frederick G. Harmon) Engineering and Computer Science Faculty Publications (1996)
  • Hybrid Solution of Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Problems Using Legendre Pseudospectral and Generalized Polynomial Chaos Algorithms (Frederick G. Harmon) Proceedings of the 2017 American Control Conference (2017)
  • A Brief Survey of the Biblical Integration of Engineering and Missions with Emphasis on Appropriate Technologies (Frederick G. Harmon) Christian Engineering Conference (2017)
  • Hybrid Gauss Pseudospectral and Generalized Polynomial Chaos Algorithm to Solve Stochastic Optimal Control Problems (G. C. Cottrill and Frederick G. Harmon) Proceedings of Control and Applications (2011)

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