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Hema Jayaseelan

Hema Jayaseelan, PhD

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Jayaseelan earned her Ph.D. and master’s degree in civil engineering from Oklahoma State University. Her undergraduate degree in civil engineering was earned at the Government College of Technology in India. Prior to joining Cedarville’s faculty, Jayaseelan was a structural engineer at Freese and Nichols in Fort Worth, Texas. She has also held engineering positions at companies in the United Kingdom and Kansas City, Missouri. She loves to share her passion for Christ with students and help them to use their civil engineering skills to serve God and the community. 

Education and Credentials:

  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Oklahoma State University
  • M.S in Civil Engineering, Oklahoma State University
  • B.S in Civil Engineering, Government College of Technology
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Texas and Oklahoma

Scholarly Works

  • Jayaseelan, H. and Russell, B., (2022) “Investigation of Poor Ride Quality in Steel Bridge Girders built Composite with Concrete Slab,” Accepted for publication in ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 
  • Jayaseelan, H., Russell, B. W., & Webb, A. C. (2022). “Impact of Thermal Stresses on the Performance of Steel Girder Bridges Made Composite with Concrete Slabs,” International Journal of Structural Engineering, 4(1):8-29.
  • Jayaseelan, H., Russell, W.B. (2019). “Reducing cambers and prestress losses by including fully tensioned top prestressing strands and mild reinforcing steel.” PCI Journal 64(3): 29-46.
  • Jayaseelan, H., Russell, B. W., & Webb, A. C. (2019). “Early Age Deflections in Newly Rehabilitated Steel Girder Bridges Made Composite with Concrete Slabs.” Structural Engineering International, 1-11.


Traveling with my family, gardening, and cooking. 


Why Cedarville?

God called me and my family to move to Cedarville. I love teaching and mentoring to students. Jesus called out his (fishermen) disciples to be fishers of men, likewise I strongly believe that God has called civil engineers to build his kingdom on earth.