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James Landers

Jim Landers

Technician - Electrical & Computer Engineering


Jim serves as electrical engineering technician for the department of engineering. He came to Cedarville in January of 2005. His role is to manage and supervise the department's electronics. He keeps all of the electronics and computers in top form, running maintenance routines and repairing broken ones. A very proactive person, Jim is a great compliment to Dave and his abilities.

Prior to coming to Cedarville, Jim has held a number of jobs in the telephone and retail equipment industry. He has the experience of doing jobs that many others only dream about. From covering sporting events (i.e. College World Series) and remote college football games for ABC to visits from former President Reagan and microwave shots to Alaska, he's a jack-of-all-trades. In his spare time he is an avid woodworker.

Jim and his wife, Linnet, have two girls and a number of "adopted" kids. He enjoys the morning when the birds first begin to sing, wildlife as never seen before, the colors of autumn, and the fresh fallen snow.

To see more about Jim, check out his website.