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Library Science Internship

The Centennial Library Internship is a 3 credit hour course offered as ENG-4230 Independent Study: Library Science Internship in the fall semester. It averages 6-8 hours per week and about 100 hours over the course of the semester. In addition to receiving course credit, an intern receives the current Centennial Library Student Assistant hourly pay rate. Students already working in the library can also do the internship.


The goals of the internship are as follows:

  • Develop a basic knowledge of the operations, services, organization, staffing, and resources of an academic library  
  • Complete a minimum of four projects in areas such as collection development and library instruction which will provide an intermediate level of experience in those areas.    
  • Be able to determine if one has sufficient interest in a library career to pursue a Master’s of Library and Information Science degree upon graduation.    
  • Gain sufficient library work experience to be eligible to be hired for a library staff position while preparing for or attending graduate school.    
  • Explore the library science profession from the perspective of a Christian worldview.   

Application Process and Selection

Students apply in January for the following fall semester by completing a form on the library website. The application requires an essay about career goals and graduate school plans as well as references from an employer and a Cedarville professor. Preference is given to students applying for their final fall semester.  Applicants are selected in March prior to fall semester registration.


“There are many parts of Centennial Library's internship I enjoyed - interacting with the librarians, seeing the inner-workings of a library, and getting hands-on experience in virtually every area of librarianship were all fantastic.  Paired with Julie Deardorff's wonderful guidance and mentoring, you cannot find a better library internship! Without a doubt, Centennial Library's internship program prepared me for my future career as a librarian. The internship's holistic focus and emphasis on hands-on experience proved so valuable in graduate school and now in my day-to-day work as a librarian.”
  - Kirsten Setzkorn (‘13), MLIS - Centennial Library Humanities Librarian

"For me, the internship was really a God-given opportunity. In working with the library's faculty and staff, and engaging in various hands-on projects, the internship opened my eyes to the value and role of libraries in society, providing me with an avenue for a future career path as a librarian in which I can channel my passions."
  - Jess Elder (‘18), MLIS - Centennial Library Health Sciences Librarian

"Before the internship, I never realized how much goes on behind the scenes at a library. There are so many types of librarians and careers in the field, that there's honestly something for everyone! Taking the course was so much fun and confirmed my desire to attend grad school. It's a hands-on class, you get to interact with so many amazing people, and you get paid - what could be better?!"
  - RaeAnn Jent (‘19) - MLIS student

For more information, please contact:

Julie Deardorff, MLIS
Associate Professor of Library Science, Director of Library Collection Services