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Independent Study

Independent Study

The Centennial Library Independent Study Course allows students who have completed the Centennial Library Internship and who are seriously considering graduate school for the Master’s in Library and Information Science degree to gain additional specialized experience in areas of interest to them. Requirements usually include a combination of projects, papers, discussions, and reading assignments. Depending on the topics selected, students may also visit other libraries, give presentations, or view webinars.

The course is taken as ENG 4230-English Independent Study: Academic Libraries in cooperation with the Department of English, Literature & Modern Languages and is offered during the spring semester for 1-3 credit hours. Approval by the Dean of Library Services, the Chair of the Department of ELML and the student's adviser is required by November.


"The independent study was helpful for me because I want to pursue a career in libraries in the future. The course expanded my knowledge in certain areas that I had previously learned in the library internship. For example, I learned how libraries develop collections during the internship, but in the independent study, I could apply what I have learned by withdrawing books students weren't using and ordering new books. The projects and assignments were enjoyable and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to take the independent study."
 - Lydia Jacobsen ('20)

"I learned a great deal from the independent study - about the library, about leadership and management, and about myself. While it was significantly different from the internship, that does not mean that I enjoyed it less or did not learn as much. The independent study was a great follow-up to my internship experience, for it allowed me to expand my knowledge in areas of interest, and it gave me a different structured experience than what I previously had."
 - Holly Caldwell ('20)

For additional information, please contact:

Julie Deardorff, MLIS
Associate Professor of Library Science, Director of Collection Services