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Library Careers Program

Centennial Library provides students with various opportunities to explore library careers and gain practical knowledge and experience.
Whether a student is simply curious about the field or set on a particular career path, we have programs to fit each interest and commitment level.

Career Exploration

The Career Exploration offers an opportunity for students to preview the library field with a personalized experience and low time commitment.

Fork and Spoon

Library Careers Dinner

The library hosts a free, annual informational dinner for those interested in careers in library services.


Library Internship

This course provides a paid, practical experience for students with an interest in entering a library career.

Desk Lamp

Independent Study

This 1-3 credit hour course follows the internship for those interested in further, more focused study.

Graduation Cap

Library Scholarship

The scholarship encourages the next generation of Christian librarians by providing tuition support for those pursuing an MLIS.

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Employment Opportunities

Students interested in careers in libraries may wish to gain work experience through a Centennial Library student position. The library has multiple opportunities for student employment available at various times.