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Piano Audition Guidelines

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Piano auditions must include all the components described below:

1. Audition Repertoire
  • Prepare three pieces of contrasting time periods.
  • One of your pieces must be a Prelude and Fugue of J. S. Bach. The Prelude and Fugue is considered as one piece, not two.
  • At least one of the three pieces must be performed from memory. Memorization of all audition pieces is highly recommended.
  • Audition pieces must be college level in terms of difficulty.
2. Musicianship Test
  • Scales and Arpeggios
    - Scales – Hands together, four octaves, ascending and descending, in 16th notes at a tempo where quarter note equals 100 beats per minute, from memory.
    - Arpeggios – also in 16th notes (not triplets) at the same tempo, from memory.
    - Two explanatory documents: The first shows a good way to practice scales and arpeggios in rhythm. The second gives a chart that explains fingerings for all 24 keys, scales and arpeggios, both hands.
  • Sight-reading
    - The student will be given a short sight-reading test. The difficulty of the sight-reading example will be approximately equal to hymns such as A Mighty Fortress is Our God, or piano literature such as Kinderszenen, Op. 15, by Robert Schumann.
3. Interview
You will be asked about your career goals, performance experience, and other related questions that will help us guide you in our program.
4. Supporting Materials
The student should provide a written music resume that includes a list of all significant repertoire studied during high school, performance experience (church, school, contests, recitals, etc), and a brief statement of the student's musical goals for college and beyond.

Recorded Audition Instructions:

On-campus auditions are preferred and required for applicants living within 300 miles. If a recorded audition is necessary, please upload a video to a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo using the same guidelines for on-campus auditions. You will find the required arpeggios and/or scales here.

  1. Please announce each piece before it is performed allowing sufficient breaks between selections.
  2. Recordings should be prepared with great care. If you cannot have the recording made professionally, be sure to locate the best equipment, acoustical situation and personal assistance possible.
  3. The recording should not be edited or spliced.

Links to your videos should be sent via email to the Cedarville University Music and Worship Department at musicandworship@cedarville.edu. Deadline for recorded auditions is on or before the last scheduled audition date.