Student playing an instrument in one of Cedarville's ensembles

Program Information


The Bachelor of Arts in worship degree is designed to help prepare students who are interested in careers in worship leadership and related fields. All students must take courses in music, theology, and worship-related fields such as theatre, electronic media, or youth ministry. Elective hours can be used to complete minors or to double major. Students pursuing this major must complete the general education core.

Worship Degree Overview

The worship degree is designed to be an interdisciplinary degree including concentrations in music, worship, theology, and elective hours related to the field of worship. The worship program at Cedarville University is primarily designed to help you prepare for a career leading worship or in worship related fields. The demand for worship leaders is very high, and upon graduation, Cedarville students are prepared to do ministry in the local church. However, some graduates may choose to continue their musical or theological education at seminary. Others are in our worship program as double-majors or minors who desire to serve the church in a local church as a layperson, who are planning to attend seminary to study to be a pastor, or youth pastor, or who have a desire to serve Christ on the mission field using music as a ministry tool.

Our Values

  • Theological Foundation - We value a strong theological foundation, grounded in biblical truth for all worship students. The Bible minor and required classes will emphasize a biblical foundation for worship ministry.
  • Musical Emphasis - We value a core musical background for all worship students. We value contemporary music as the voice of our culture and will equip students to be musically and methodologically relevant in the "real world".
  • Interdisciplinary Nature - We value interdisciplinary study in fields related to worship ministry. We value each student developing God-given talents and interests, resulting in an individualized degree tailored for each student.