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Student playing guitar

Student Testimonies

I appreciate the flexibility of the program. I would have chosen either a Bible or a music major before I learned of the worship major. Now I study the most interesting part of each major. And I got to study abroad in Spain!

Andrew Moses ’11

I felt called to be a worship leader in high school. It was amazing to see God turn my life and career decisions around. However, I really struggled to find a school with a great learning atmosphere and students that are excited to serve God and pursue Him. Thankfully, I came across a Cedarville ad and decided to visit. The worship major is so broad and enables you to focus in on what interests you, from youth ministry to choir directing to contemporary styles of worship. The worship major is designed to facilitate what God has called you to do.

Victoria Vallas ’13

Classes in the worship major have opened my eyes to the seriousness of worship. Exalting the God of the universe is not a casual task; it is a responsibility that should inspire us to be the best musicians and worshippers we can possibly be. Cedarville University is providing me with the opportunities to better myself in both of these areas more than I ever could have imagined.

Grant McCurdy ’14

My time at Cedarville was very instrumental in developing my skills and bringing out my potential as a leader and a worshipper. I really appreciate that the church music program did not try to corral us into a specific style, but instead let us discover our own way, equipped with musical knowledge and a good theoretical foundation of worship. Worship leading is a constant learning experience, but I left Cedarville with a lot of tangible reasons to be confident that I was ready for that next step.

Aaron L., 2008 graduate

"The preparation I received while at Cedarville has proved invaluable to my successes in my new career. High demands in musicianship as well as spiritual growth have allowed me to have a jump start in my career as a Pastor. I didn't always know that this was the career path I was interested in, but through my studies and the opportunities that I had at Cedarville I knew this was the profession God was calling me to for this season of life. I cannot believe how much I have benefited from the classroom projects and discussions during my time at Cedarville."

Anthony H., 2008 graduate

I chose to come to Cedarville for the worship major. It is very unique and fits me really well, especially since I'm not very proficient in classical piano since I chose to pursue jazz. I love how I am able to use my abilities in both vocal and piano fields, as well as take a lot of classes outside of music. The Worship major is really well rounded and flexible. I am glad I will be able to take classes that will really benefit my future such as more Bible classes, conducting, electronic media courses, and music administration classes.

Shauna R., 2011 graduate

"There is much excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the new Worship degree. I chose it because it offers excellent training in both music and ministry as well as the freedom to double-major in related fields."

Jared M. '12