One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Hope Strayer

Hope Strayer

Director of Undergraduate Pharmacy Admissions


Hope serves as the Director of Undergraduate Pharmacy Recruitment. After graduating from Cedarville in 2014, she spent three years teaching English in Mongolia and then returned to Cedarville to work in Admissions. After several years of working in Admissions, she transitioned to her current role.


Reading, Hiking, Music, Traveling, Good food

Why Cedarville?

I chose to attend Cedarville as an undergraduate student because I saw how faith was a vibrant aspect of life on campus. It was not merely something tacked on to the end. Over 10 years after that initial college visit, Cedarville still remains true to this mission. While there are countless universities and colleges to choose from, the one-thousand days on Cedarville’s campus can be truly transformational. Working in Admissions, I get to tell the story of how Cedarville can change someone’s life.