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Experiential Program

The Experiential Pharmacy Program

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Experiential at a Glance

Cedarville University School of Pharmacy has relationships with over 380 partner sites, which involves over 780 pharmacy preceptors.

  • Our students:
    • Participate in cross-cultural domestic medical missions at sites located in Arizona, Georgia, and Ohio. 
    • Conduct neighborhood health screenings within Dayton, Columbus, Springfield, Cincinnati, and surrounding areas.
    • Assist in medical care at children's camps in rural Kentucky and the Appalachian region of Virginia.
    • Educate clients at an inner-city Chicago health clinic.
    • Support local county health departments with educational outreach events.
    • Complete integration activities that take student knowledge from the classroom to the community pharmacy.
    • Perform medication reconciliation service at multiple hospital institutions.
    • Participate in advanced practice model-based care within four regions in Ohio.
    • Travel internationally to complete medical missions in India, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, and Ecuador.

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Program Overview

Experiential education at the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy is designed to provide students with skill development in pharmaceutical and direct patient care during each year of the four-year program.

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Preceptor Benefits

The Cedarville University School of Pharmacy and the Office of Experiential Programs appreciate preceptors for making practice experiences available, relevant, meaningful, and challenging for our students. In recognition of their significant contributions in expertise, interest, and motivation to assist the University’s experiential education programs, we offer benefits to our preceptors.

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The vision of the Office of Experiential Programs (OEP) is to develop pharmacists that are caring, empathetic followers of Christ that provide exceptional level of pharmacy practice to improve the primary healthcare of patients locally, nationally, and internationally. Our graduates will be known for their servant-leadership, compassion, ethics, innovation, global focus, and extraordinary level of competency in disease and medication management.

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The Office of Experiential Programs (OEP) at Cedarville University School of Pharmacy will be recognized as a premier program that produces professional, innovative servant-leader pharmacists to improve health of patients globally. The OEP will develop pioneering introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences that will instill the core values of the School of Pharmacy in our students through preceptor education and site development.

Want to Learn More?

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with new preceptors.
Please email us so we can share more information and follow up with you very soon. Include your name, worksite name, email, and phone number.

Meet Our Team

Photo of Zach Jenkins

Zach Jenkins, PharmD

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Director of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences


Photo of Brenda Pahl

Brenda Pahl, PharmD

Associate Professor of Pharmacy, Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences


Photo of Angie Wilson

Angie Wilson

Director of Community Engagement