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Alumni Spotlight

“Molecules to Cells was the most feared basic science class at my medical school. As a molecular biology major, I came in with a solid foundation in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and immunology that put me ahead of my peers and allowed me to excel in that class and in medical school as a whole. When applying for medical school, my hands-on experience, not only in performing common molecular procedures but also in helping design our experimental approach, was a common and very positive talking point with interviewers.”

          Eric Robinette, M.D. (Pediatric Infectious Disease), 2007 graduate

“Because of the molecular biology major, I went into PA school with a better understanding of the cellular pathways and genetic processes underlying disease pathology and drug mechanisms. Medicine is moving toward treating diseases at the molecular level, so molecular biology was a fantastic base to prepare for my medical training.“

          Elise Newcomer, Physician Assistant, 2014 graduate

“One thing that I really appreciated about the molecular biology major was that our 3000- and 4000-level electives could be tailored to each individual's interests. Because of smaller class sizes and professors who cared about each student's goals, we were able to ask questions and to learn about topics that we cared about while also gaining valuable knowledge about many fields in biology.”

          Katie Swanson, Research Assistant, 2016 graduate

“After graduating from Cedarville, I was able to enter a Ph.D. program at Ohio State University the following summer. The molecular biology program provided a foundation of knowledge that served me well in graduate school. In addition, summer research internships provided me with hands-on research experience.”

          Sharon (Miller) Cooper, Ph.D., 2010 graduate

"The molecular and cellular biology program enabled me to participate in several related research internships during my time at Cedarville and laid the foundation for me to succeed in medical school. Even as an orthopedic surgery resident, I still find myself applying the principles of molecular biology on a weekly basis, both in research and in clinical practice."

          John Weston, D.O. (Orthopedic Surgery), 2010 graduate

"After I graduated from Cedarville, I went to the Southwest School of Medical Technology and became a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. I worked for the next three years as a generalist MLS at Southwest General. In the fall of 2014 I entered the Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology doctoral program at the Ohio State University. My classes and research opportunities in Cedarville's molecular biology program definitely helped prepare me for both of these endeavors."

          Hannah (Cathers) Bekebrede, Ph.D. Candidate, 2010 graduate

"The education I received through the molecular biology program at Cedarville gave me a solid base of knowledge to build on in my scientific career. The breadth of my education allowed me to talk intelligently with scientists from different fields in both industry and academia. I have found that I have been consistently more prepared for scientific challenges than those with similar backgrounds from different universities."

          Ethan Strattan, Ph.D. Candidate, 2013 graduate