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The Premed Program at Cedarville University

Training for a medical profession at Cedarville University involves intentional preparation academically, personally, and spiritually. As Christians, it is our responsibility to care for both physical and spiritual needs. Preparation for medical school at Cedarville equips students to be competent as well as service-focused in the name of the Great Physician. Cedarville University has a strong history of preparing students for medical school.

Most undergraduate institutions, including Cedarville, do not offer a premedical major. Instead, students choose a major — usually biology, molecular and cellular biology, or chemistry ― and then choose premedical studies as an academic emphasis. This emphasis satisfies medical school admission requirements and helps students prepare for successful entry into medical school. Cedarville offers both B.A. and B.S. degrees. The B.S. degree is more rigorous in the sciences; the B.A. is broader and allows for more elective classes.

We invite you to learn more about the premed program.

  • Over the past five-year period, 74 percent of Cedarville premed students who applied to medical school were accepted (28 out of 38).
  • Cedarville students perform well on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), consistently scoring above the national average on all sections.
  • Cedarville’s premed student organization, Chi Theta Pi, connects Cedarville premed students with each other while exposing them to medical opportunities and keeping them on track for applying to medical schools.
  • Biology and chemistry majors at Cedarville are exposed to a rigorous curriculum of core courses plus upper-level electives.
  • Human Anatomy is taught using a dissected human cadaver, supplemented by online software.
  • Biology (B.S.) and molecular and cellular biology (B.S.) majors are required to do independent research under the direction of a faculty member. This requirement can also be met by summer laboratory work at another institution.
  • Cedarville University Emergency Medical Service (CUEMS) was the first student-manned collegiate emergency medical service in the United States. All students who serve with CUEMS are certified professional EMTs. CUEMS works closely with the Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Department, which provides ambulance and emergency aid to Cedarville Township and the surrounding area. Many premed students are dual members of both organizations and have special certifications in firefighting and advanced life support.

Learn more about Cedarville’s premed program and be sure to schedule a campus visit so we can meet you personally!