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Geology students in Death Valley National Park

Quick Facts

Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Science or Mathematics at Cedarville University:

Christ-Centered Focus

Inspiring daily chapels, our one-of-a-kind Bible minor, worldwide ministry opportunities, and a biblical perspective in the classroom create a distinctly Christ-centered experience.

Biblical Foundation

Cedarville's strong commitment to the authority of Scripture serves as the basis for any discussions you will want to have on topics like medical ethics, the sanctity of life, human origins, and the integration of faith and learning.

Academic Excellence

In a recent national satisfaction survey, our students ranked Cedarville University #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer labs, and more.

Strength in Numbers

You will join more than 350 students currently enrolled as science or mathematics majors at Cedarville. Our size - we're one of the largest at any Christian university - assures you a broad range of program and course options as well as diverse field experiences.

Advanced computer systems

All classrooms, faculty offices, and residence hall rooms are connected by CedarNet, an on-campus fiber-optic and wireless network that gives you access to the Internet as well as approximately 200 software programs, including advanced science and mathematics packages.

Career and Graduate School Opportunities

As a Cedarville graduate, you will have the opportunity to enter outstanding graduate schools and pursue your career in science, industry, government, or education. During the past five years, 81 percent of Cedarville students who applied to medical schools were accepted and the acceptance rate into graduate schools is near 100 percent. Nationally, the acceptance rate is just 50 - 55 percent.

Wide Range of Classes

Our well-thought-out science and math majors include liberal arts classes as well as calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and other upper-level areas of study.

Highly Qualified Professors

Your profs (all with advanced degrees, no teaching assistants) will bring real-world experience and great teaching skills to the classroom - not to mention their hearts for God and for students.

Challenging Environment

You will be challenged not only by your professors, but also by your peers who excel academically. The average ACT and SAT scores for students in the department are among the highest on campus, and many participate in the honors program.

Well-Rounded and Job-Ready

In today's economy, employers are demanding more than just knowledge and skills. They want problem-solvers and communicators. Cedarville's general education core prepares you to think deeply and speak clearly about the ethical issues of our day — all from a biblical worldview.