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Lin Pan

Lin Pan, PhD

Director, Physics Program, Associate Professor of Physics


Dr. Pan originally is from China, where I learned the Gospel and became a Christian. Before joining the faculty at Cedarville University in 2011, Dr. Pan completed postdoc work and taught introductory physics at Michigan Technological University. Dr. Pan teaches introductory and core physics courses at Cedarville. Her research interest is in computational atomic physics, where she studies electronic structure and properties of transition metal and rare earth elements.

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. in Physics, Michigan Technological University
  • B.Sc. in Physics, Qingdao University

Scholarly Works

  • Ab Initio RCI Calculations of Atomic Properties of Selected Transition Metal Ions (Lin Pan) Faculty Dissertations (2008)
  • Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations for Lanthanide and Actinide Anions (D. R. Beck, S. O'Malley and Lin Pan) Science and Mathematics Faculty Publications (2015)
  • Experimental and Theoretical Study of Bound and Quasibound States of CE- (C. W. Walter, Lin Pan, N. D. Gibson, et al.) Physical Review A (2011)
  • Candidates for Laser Cooling of Atomic Anions: La- versus Os- (Lin Pan and D. R. Beck) Physical Review A (2010)
  • A Photo-detachment Study of Binding Energies of La- (Lin Pan) The Research and Scholarship Symposium (2015)
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Interests: Hiking in the woods, watching movies, and baking

Why Cedarville: I have a long story about how I came to Cedarville. To make it short, it was God who has led me all the way here. I liked and still like Cedarville because of its commitment to the Gospel and God's Word. This is a campus where Christians are serious with God's Word and strive to live out what they believe.