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Kevin Roper

Kevin Roper, PhD

Professor of Mathematics


Dr. Roper is originally from Jamaica but has lived in the U.S. for most of the last 33 years. After getting my bachelor's degree in mathematics, I taught at my old high school in Jamaica for several years before being recruited to be a goalkeeping coach at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. While there, I completed a masters degree before moving on to Kentucky for my Ph.D. in mathematics on Function Theory in Several Complex Variables. I arrived at Cedarville in fall 1995, but left after two years to be a headmaster in Jamaica. Three years later I returned to Cedarville.

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D in Mathematics, The University of Kentucky
  • M.A. in Mathematics, University of Kentucky
  • M.Ed. in Educational Administration, University of South Carolina
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics with Education, Southampton University (England)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Southampton University (England)

Scholarly Works

  • Convexity Properties of Holomorphic Mappings on the Unit Ball of C^n (Kevin A. Roper) Faculty Dissertations (1995)
  • Convexity Properties of Holomorphic Mappings in Cn (Kevin A. Roper and T. J. Suffridge) Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (1999)
  • Convex Mappings on the Unit Ball of Cn (Kevin A. Roper and T. J. Suffridge) Journal DAnalyse Mathematique (1995)
  • Research Methods in Mathematics: A Transitional Course (Kevin A. Roper) MathFest 2012, the summer conference of the Math Association of America (2012)  
  • Writing Mathematics Well (Kevin A. Roper) MathFest 2012, the summer conference of the Math Association of America (2012)
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  • Interests: Soccer, tennis, Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Department, cryptic crosswords
  • Why Cedarville: When I started my job search after my Ph.D. at Kentucky, jobs were hard to come by. All my grad student friends were struggling to get good positions. Some friends from Jamaica had a son at Cedarville and I asked him if he knew of any openings there. He checked it out and told me there were and gave me contact information. I knew nothing about Cedarville except that it was a Christian university, but I applied for the job and got it. Looking back, I can see the hand of God directing me to this place. Our students are wonderful, my colleagues are very supportive and I look forward to coming to work every day. Teaching is my passion, whether it is mathematics, soccer or firefighting. Even in the summer I love to sit down with my mathematics books to learn more and think about how I can teach better. In the afternoons, I get to go out and work out the goalkeepers on the women's soccer team at the University. This has been a great chance to build into the lives of students outside the classroom. Through the fire department I have connected with the local community. Being there for people at the lowest points in their lives has been an opportunity to serve that I never had considered till one of my math students suggested I join.