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John Whitmore

John Whitmore, PhD

Director, Geology Program, Senior Professor of Geology


Before coming to Cedarville University in 1991, Dr. John Whitmore taught high school science and math and spent a summer working for the United States Geological Survey. Dr. Whitmore serves on the board of the Creation Geology Society and is a member of the Creation Research Society and the Geological Society of America (GSA). His publications include many GSA abstracts, journal articles, book chapters, popular articles, and an adventure book titled The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure. He is co-author of The Heavens and the Earth, a college-level earth science textbook. He speaks internationally on the topics of Creation, geology, and Noah’s Flood and has led many trips in the Grand Canyon with Answers in Genesis and Canyon Ministries. In 2018, he was editor of the Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Creationism.

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. in Biology with Paleontology emphasis, Loma Linda University
  • M.S. in Geology, Institute for Creation Research
  • B.S. in Geology, Kent State University

Scholarly Works

  • Whitmore, J.H. 2006. The Green River Formation: A large post-Flood lake system: Journal of Creation 20(1):55-63.
  • Whitmore, J.H. 2019. Lithostratigraphic Correlation of the Coconino Sandstone and a Global Survey of Permian "Eolian" Sandstones: Implications for Flood Geology. Answers Research Journal 12:275-328.
  • Whitmore, J.H., and P.A. Garner. 2008. Using suites of criteria to recognize pre-Flood, Flood, and post-Flood strata in the rock record with application to Wyoming (USA). In Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Creationism, ed. A.A. Snelling, pp. 425-448. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Creation Science Fellowship, and Dallas, Texas: Institute for Creation Research.
  • Whitmore, J.H., and P.A. Garner. 2018. The Coconino Sandstone (Permian, Arizona, USA): Implications for the origin of ancient cross-bedded sandstones. In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Creationism, ed. J.H. Whitmore, pp. 581–627. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Creation Science Fellowship.
  • Whitmore, J.H., and R. Strom. 2010. Sand injectites at the base of the Coconino Sandstone, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Sedimentary Geology 230:46-59.

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  • Rafting anhiking in Grand Canyon, bicycling, hiking, paleontology, photography, woodworking, raising sheep
  • Why Cedarville? Cedarville University is a place that supports the research that I do in regard to creation science and the geology of Noah’s Flood. I came to Cedarville with the hope of establishing a geology program that could train young Christian scientists in the field of geology; that dream was realized in 2009. I especially enjoy taking students to the field to places like Grand Canyon, Death Valley, the Anza Borrego Desert, and Mt. St. Helens.


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Dr. John Whitmore discusses the Kilauea volcano, lava, and fissures.