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Student Academic Advisory Board (SAAB)

What is SAAB?

The Student Academic Advisory Board (SAAB) serves as a liaison between students at Cedarville University and the Office of the Vice President for Academics. SAAB advises the vice president on issues related to student success and intercedes on behalf of students when appropriate.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Student Academic Advisory Board: SAAB@cedarville.edu

SAAB Membership

SAAB consists of two members from each academic department/school. Faculty from each department/school nominate highly qualified students during a student’s sophomore year, allowing each student to serve for two years on SAAB. Because its members are excellent students from a variety of majors, SAAB is uniquely suited to advise the Vice President for Academics. Such insight takes a variety of forms, but ultimately helps to strengthen a Cedarville education.

SAAB’s Role

SAAB has four main responsibilities:

  • Be available to the Vice President for Academics as a means of obtaining and understanding student opinions.
  • Provide students with opportunities to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding academic matters.
  • Nominate the faculty and staff members of year. After general student body nominations are completed, SAAB interviews finalists and votes to determine the winner.
  • Attend student grade appeals interviews, as dictated by the Cedarville Student Handbook.

SAAB Leadership

President of SAAB:
Emily Gifford  (Contact)
Senior, International Studies

Vice President of SAAB:
Sara Mitchell  (Contact)
Senior, Geology

SAAB Members

Below is a list of the current SAAB members. Feel free to contact them with any opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding academic matters.

Allied Health

Nathan Wicker (Contact)
Senior, Athletic Training 

Lydia Jefson  (Contact)
Junior, Allied Health 

Art, Design, and Theatre

Ahna Mellinger  (Contact)
Senior, Theatre

Amy Gue  (Contact)
Junior, Visual Communication Design

Biblical and Theological Studies

Emily Winchester  (Contact)
Senior, Christian Education/Youth Ministries 

Chantel Smithers  (Contact)
Junior, Christian Education/Youth Ministries

Business Administration

Matthew Ammerman  (Contact)
Senior, Accounting

Ann E. Bell  (Contact)
Junior, Management


Jessica Barton  (Contact)
Senior, Professional Writing and Information Design 

Grace N Norman  (Contact)
Junior, Broadcasting, Digital Media, and Journalism 


Michela Perry  (Contact)
Senior, Early Child Education

Ben Graeff  (Contact)
Junior, Early Child Education

Engineering and Computer Science

Richard Nyquist  (Contact)
Senior, Mechanical Engineering 

Anthony Chaffey  (Contact)
Junior, Computer Engineering 

English, Literature, and Modern Language

Bethan Davis  (Contact)
Senior, English

Ashleigh Stout  (Contact)
Junior, Linguistics

History and Government

Emily Gifford, President  (Contact)
Senior, International Studies

Will Geist  (Contact)
Junior, Criminal Justice/Spanish

Music and Worship

Antonio Muñoz  (Contact)
Senior, Worship

Allison Zieg  (Contact)
Junior, Music Education-Multi Age


Ryan Gerhart   (Contact)
Senior, Nursing

Hannah Gorton  (Contact)
Junior, Nursing


Zach Krauss  (Contact)
Senior, Pharmacy

Katriona Peterson  (Contact)
Junior, Pharmaceutical Science


Shawn Ross  (Contact)
Senior, Psychology

Cassidy Brammer  (Contact)
Junior, Psychology

Science and Mathematics

Sara Mitchell, Vice President  (Contact)
Senior, Geology

Elizabeth Tan  (Contact)
Junior, Biology

Social Work

Sunila Rueb  (Contact)
Senior, Social Work

Leanna Belcher  (Contact)
Junior, Social Work