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Dual Enrollment students work closely with their advisor, their parents, and their high school guidance counselor to choose courses each semester. These are the steps that must be taken before you are registered for a dual credit course:

  1. Meet with your Dual Enrollment advisor for course recommendations. This step will ensure that you are choosing courses that meet your goals. Following your advising meeting, you will be given access to the forms below. If you have not yet scheduled this meeting, please check your email for a link to set up an appointment with your advisor or contact us.

  2. Complete the course request form provided by your advisor. You will be asked to select alternate courses in case your first choice of courses has no seats available. You may not change courses after the course request form has been completed. 

  3. Ensure that course request approvals are granted by your parent(s) and high school guidance counselor (if applicable). Approval forms will be emailed by the University to all required parties after the Course Request Form has been submitted.

  4. Complete the financial responsibility agreement. All students (including Ohio College Credit Plus or CCP students) must complete this form before they can be registered for classes.

  5. Receive course registration confirmation from the Office of the Registrar. You will be registered for classes on a first-come, first-served basis after all steps above have been completed. On campus course requests will be processed after freshman course registration is complete.

Adding a course: You may not add or change courses after the course request form has been completed. 

Dropping a course: If you want to drop a course, you should review the University‚Äôs drop/add schedule to understand how this will affect your college transcript and refund. You will also want to speak with your parents and high school guidance counselor to understand how dropping a course may affect your ability to graduate on time, your athletic eligibility, and your Ohio College Credit Plus funding. To drop a course, you must email your request to your Dual Enrollment advisor.