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Complete these essential medical tasks and forms, and when you get to campus you can rest assured knowing you're fully supported and taken care of.

Before Arriving:

1) Purchase Health Insurance

International students will need to purchase health insurance to cover the costs of health care while studying in the United States. MK and TCK students are typically covered through a policy provided by their parents’ employer. Health care can be quite expensive, and having health insurance in place minimizes the financial impact while also helping to ensure quality care. The health insurance coverage assists with expenses both at University Medical Services (UMS) and doctors and facilities in the region.

You'll need to purchase coverage directly from an insurance company of your choice. The following companies offer international student health insurance plans ranging from $35–$100 per month, depending on the level of coverage:

2) Upload Medical Information

Read over the student health policies, then log in to the UMS patient portal. This will take you to your personal page where you can upload your medical history, vaccination records, and proof of insurance coverage. Make sure to upload everything before August 1 if you're starting in the fall, or January 1 if you're starting in the spring. Finally, if you are under 18, your parent must provide an authorization for treatment.

If you have any questions, please contact University Medical Services.

After Arriving:

3) Complete a FERPA Waiver

Under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), which is a U.S. privacy law, Cedarville cannot disclose student information to families without permission. We highly recommend that you complete a FERPA waiver, which allows the University and International Student Services to communicate with your parents or guardians in an emergency, giving them access to academic, financial, and medical information.

To complete a waiver, you'll provide written authorization to the Office of the Registrar once you arrive on campus. This written authorization should include your signature, the date, the names of individuals you'd like to have access, which records you'd like them to have access to, and the timeframe during which they'll have access.

Learn more about Cedarville's FERPA policy or contact the Office of the Registrar with questions.