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Stand firm on God's word without compromising on academic quality.
See what doors a Cedarville education could open for you!

Outstanding Academics

Part of our core value excellence in effort means taking academics seriously. Faculty are experts in their fields, and each program prepares you to launch into a successful career while drawing you closer to Christ through the teaching of His Word. As you seek to glorify God with the talents, skills, and passions He has given you, find your home at a university that cares about your spiritual walk as well as your academic success.

Find the Program That's Right for You

Whether you picture yourself studying for a career in business or taking graduate courses to complete your pharmacy degree, there is a program for you to fit into. Explore over 175 programs that will help you pursue your God-given passion!

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Undergraduate Programs

Achieve more with over 150 majors and minors. See how you can reach your goals with programs that fit you!

Explore Undergrad Programs


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Graduate Programs

Discover more than 25 graduate programs to help you reach the next level in your career, wherever God has placed you.

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Academic Support for International Students

As you pursue your studies at Cedarville, you'll be surrounded by a network of support. Adapting to another culture as you begin your college education can be difficult, but you can have confidence that you'll receive support that is customized to your learning style and needs. International Student Services will work together with faculty to come alongside you and help you reach your full potential.

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Academic Coaching

You'll be paired with a coach to help you achieve at your highest academic level.

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Foundations Course

You'll take this one-credit course as a new student to help you adapt to college-level learning in the U.S.

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The Cove

Access study groups, tutors, and peer coaches through Cedarville's academic enrichment center, whenever you need it.

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Writing Center

If you'd like help with any of your writing tasks, visit a trained student tutor who is eager to give guidance!

Course Information

You likely have many questions as you're preparing to study in the United States:

  • What will my curriculum be like?
  • How do I choose courses that are right for me?
  • How will I be graded?

No matter what program you choose to study, your courses will stretch and prepare you to be a successful professional in your field. You'll learn from professors that care not only about your career, but also about your walk with Christ. Each semester, your academic advisor will work with you, helping you choose the right courses and create a schedule that aligns with your interests and goals. Plus, you'll have plenty of guidance and support when it comes to staying on top of your coursework.

Get answers to your questions:

Learn About Courses and Policies

Prepare for Your Career

What you learn in the classroom is important as you prepare for a job, but the connections you make and the other skills you gain are equally important. As you study at Cedarville and get ready for the working world, Career Services is here to help you each step of the way and give you opportunities to grow these skills and connections. Be sure to take advantage of the free resources they provide, whether it's having your resume reviewed or attending a career fair to meet employers.
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