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Transferring to Cedarville From Word of Life Bible Institute

We are excited to welcome transfer students from Word of Life Bible Institute! We think you’ll find that Cedarville is a great place for you to build upon your strong biblical foundation from WOLBI and prepare for whatever vocation God is leading you to.

Transferring to Cedarville

We are committed to making your transfer experience as seamless and successful as possible. Here’s what you can expect from our transfer team:

  1. Personalized service that affirms the uniqueness of a transfer decision and meets your specific needs
  2. Quick processing of your application
  3. A careful transcript evaluation to assist you in achieving your educational goals
  4. A welcoming culture with spaces for transfers reserved every semester because your experiences and perspectives are valuable

If you have any questions about how to transfer colleges and enroll at Cedarville University, please contact Admissions for general transfer information or the Office of the Registrar for transcript questions.

Scholarships for WOLBI Transfer Students

Word Of Life Transfer Scholarships

This scholarship of up to $5,000 per year is awarded to students who complete one or more terms of study at Word of Life Bible Institute and are accepted for enrollment in one of Cedarville’s undergraduate programs. Full-time enrollment is required (minimum 12 credit hours per semester at Cedarville). Eligibility expires after eight semesters of attendance and is limited to fall and spring semesters only. No separate application is necessary.

Transfer Academic Scholarships

Cedarville University will offer Transfer Academic and Achievement Scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $18,000 per year based upon a transfer student’s academic credentials. No separate application is required. Qualifying GPA information from other colleges attended must be submitted by July 31 for fall semester.

Transfer Need-Based Scholarships

Through generous gifts from our donors along with budgeted institutional funds, the University offers need-based aid to help cover students' unmet financial need. Completion of the FAFSA is required.

Other institutional Scholarships

For a full list of the transfer aid opportunities, visit our Transfer Student Aid webpage.


What will transfer from WOLBI to Cedarville?

Bible Minor

Cedarville University students are required to complete five (5) biblical education courses, which constitute a Bible minor. Four of these courses can be fulfilled by courses completed during the first-year program at Word of Life Bible Institute.

Cedarville University CourseWord of Life Bible Institute Course
BTGE-2730 Old Testament Literature (3 hours)BIBL-1011 Old Testament Survey (3 hours)
BTGE-2740 New Testament Literature (3 hours)BIBL-1301 New Testament Survey (3 hours)
BTGE-3755 Theology 1 (3 hours)THEO-1011 Systematic Theology I (3 hours)
BTGE-3765 Theology 2 (3 hours)THEO-1021 Systematic Theology II (3 hours)

BTGE-1725 The Bible and the Gospel (3 hours) must be taken at Cedarville University to complete the remaining requirement for the Bible minor.

All students, regardless of major, are required to complete 32 hours of upper-division (3000- and 4000-level) courses. The two Word of Life courses THEO-1011 Theology I and THEO-1021 Theology II are not permitted to count toward this requirement.

Additional Transfer Equivalencies

View PDF of transfer equivalencies

For more information, contact the Transfer Services Coordinator:

Why Cedarville University?


Our rigorous academics will prepare you for success after graduation.

Biblical Worldview

Godly professors, daily chapels, and an unwavering commitment to God’s word prepare you to share Jesus Christ with the world.

Student Life

From concerts to intramural sports to spectacular theatre productions, you’ll find that our campus is abuzz with activity. Have fun and make lifelong friends along the way.


Scholarships and our competitive tuition combine to make your education affordable.

At Cedarville you’ll find a welcoming community that equips Christian students from a biblical worldview in more than 150 programs of study. Whatever major you choose, you’ll be prepared to step confidently into a job or grad school, equipped to serve ... and lead! Our 99% placement rate affirms that success.