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Preparing for Graduation - Graduate Students

Graduation Requirements

The catalog in use when a student first enrolls governs his or her graduation requirements unless that catalog is more than seven years old, or the student has left and then re-enrolled more than one year later. Consequently, that catalog should be retained and used as a guide in planning for graduation. A student may select a subsequent catalog, if desired; but all requirements must be completed from that catalog.

Participating in Commencement

Most graduate students choose to participate in commencement after all requirements for graduation have been completed. In some cases, students who are on track to complete their final degree requirements during the following summer or fall are permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony in the preceding May. The Office of the Registrar coordinates with prospective graduates to confirm when they are eligible to participate in commencement.

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Confirming Intent to Graduate

Graduate students should confirm their intent to participate in commencement by completing the Intent to Graduate form. The deadline for indicating your intent to participate in commencement is March 1, 2024. Upon receipt of your Intent to Graduate Form in the Office of the Registrar, an academic evaluation will be generated on your behalf. Upon confirmation of your eligibility for graduation, a representative from the Office of the Registrar will confirm your tentative date of completion and add your name to the list of prospective graduates, as appropriate.

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Graduation Fee

The graduation fee for graduate students is applicable for all graduates whether or not they participate in commencement. This fee will be charged to the approved graduating students during Spring Semester 2024.

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Diplomas are distributed to all eligible graduates at commencement. If you have any incomplete academic requirements or if you owe the University any money, you will not receive your diploma. Please check with the Cashiers Office if you have any questions about your account.

After grades are submitted, the Office of the Registrar will review your academic file to ensure that you have met the graduation requirements and record your degree.

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Grade Changes

If you anticipate any changes in grades earned in specific courses, take the time to review your transcript to ensure that those changes actually occurred.

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The appropriate degree information will be posted to your graduate transcript after final grades have been submitted and the Office of the Registrar has verified that all of your degree requirements and other obligations to the University have been satisfied. In addition to the graduate courses you took and grades you earned in each, your transcript includes the total number of credits earned, your final cumulative GPA, your degree awarded, and the date of your degree.

Complimentary Transcript

A complimentary official copy of your final transcript will be emailed to you at your email address as recorded in the Office of the Registrar after your degree has been posted. If you anticipate a change of your email address following graduation, please make sure to update your email address information in myCU as soon as possible.

Requesting Additional Transcripts

Additional copies of your transcript may be requested electronically. To obtain a copy of your transcript for an employer or for other purposes, visit the Office of the Registrar website. Please allow three to five business days for regular transcript processing. A fee will be assessed per transcript and payable at the time of the request. Additional fees apply if expedited processing and/or delivery service is requested.

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Additional Questions?

Do you have a general question about graduation or commencement? Send an email or call the Office of the Registrar at 937-766-7710.

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